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Any% No Stablaunch Zojalyx Bidwar: Save VS Kill Rosh
Imperial Agent Storyline (Prologue) Zojalyx Bidwar: Light VS Dark allignment, Bonus Run: Level 1-10 (+30 Minutes)
All Guilds (Glitchless) Marquisdan Get the Orb (+ 1 minute) Kill the Bouncer (Bonus boss, +1 min) Get all bonus treasures (+3-5min, includes the Orb above) Bidwar: Fight Malkil (good ending) vs join Malkil (bad ending)
Story Mode (Race) Countgooby, Cmdr Mario vs Luigi Bidwar Singing Always Smiling Difficulty Bidwar Story Mode vs Story Mode EX
Triple Bingo Cmdr
32 Tracks (Race) Countgooby, Cmdr Character Bidwar - Toadette, Luigi, Yoshi, or Funky Kong
Monkey Grand Prix Cmdr Monkey Bidwar Skips Showcase
All Difficulties No Extra Warpless (Race) Helix, Esoterics Master 1-Skip (10m estimate) Monkey Bidwar (Aiai, Meemee, Baby, Gongon)
Any% New Game + CountGooby Show Jumping for Joy Glitch Play Duck Race Minigame Arcade / Minigame Showcase
Bad Ending% Doober Meditate with the giant man (30 seconds) Super Meat Boy level (30 seconds) Complete Good Ending % instead (3 mins) (This could be a bidwar between BE% and GE%)
Any% DiamondCrafterA
All Statues TBA_Aro
Any% No NGG TBA_Aro
Adventure Mode (Race) Zojalyx, Countgooby Tag (4 Characters)
Blind Race Countgooby, Zojalyx
Emperor Anglar (NG) Esoterics Choosing a character to fight the final boss with: -Fox -Slippy -Falco -Krystal
Any% Glitchless Seckswrecks

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