DoKomi 2022

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Any% Hedweg Pc 00:10:00
LOVE 1+2+3 (Remastered) Any% Zet PC 00:10:00
Any% (No BJ) Heinki PC 00:10:00
Any% (Critical) desa PS4 00:10:00
Any% Becci_chan PSTV 00:10:00
No Major Glitches Matse007 Switch 00:10:00
Catch 'em All Sidosh GB 00:10:00
Sleep% - - 00:10:00
Sunday, June 05, 2022
Harp% BLUsWELT Switch 00:10:00
8-bit, No OoB, NG+ Blooddive PC 00:10:00
All Guilds (Glitchless) CoyoChris NES 00:10:00
All Stages, Normal, Emily Traviktox SNES 00:10:00
Glitchless Dragolina PC 00:10:00
Randomizer (Casual Boots) Teto SNES 00:10:00
ByeBye% Team Germench - 00:10:00

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