F.D.S. Novembro

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HoraTempo EstimadoCategoriaRunner
Any% Narti_
Burger% Neczin
70 Star Race Vitroncio Vs. Drac
Any% Mourasjak02
96 Exit Jair40_
Glitchless Any% Ghostslime2
Saturday, November 19, 2022
any% 15 Card Drop BrunoTNZ
Any% Hisagi_Z
Custom Starter - Charizard LD_Speedruns
Tails - Beat The Game MatsuKari
Faerie% Thaide
Zoro% - Beginner Krolm009
Sonic Glitchless LunaValkyr
All Stages Normal Doyddin
Randomizer Safe Logic VaeVictusBR
Sunday, November 20, 2022
Any% Bacaxi15
Any% EvollKil
Any% Old Patch Nyk_Style
Any% no ASE (Colonel) Komari
Normal Shime
New Game Good Ending Gabnattz
Normal(GP 1-4) xNightZero
Any% LinkRTA

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