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All Countries (Championship) SNES
All Cups (Expert) SNES
Any% (Normal) SNES
Almoço% Arroz, Carne e Salada
Any% Normal WiiU VC
No PW (incentivo para Glitchless) WiiU VC
All Castles (incentivo para 96-exit) SNES
Janta% Sanduíche de Presunto
Glitchless Game Boy (Emu)
Sono% Até amanhã!
Sunday, February 24, 2019
All Cups 150cc (no skips) WiiU VC
All Tournament Cups WiiU VC
Any% (Mario) Wii
Almoço% Lasanha
16-star (incentivo para 70-star) WiiU VC
All Four Any% SNES
(Very bad) Glitchless WiiU

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