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Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus
Poulet% SNES Shokushu GVirus
100% All Keys NES Tweek1987 MarthSR
Friday, March 19, 2021
Any% Genesis davidtki MarthSR
Any% NES MagicK1 MarthSR
Any% PC (Steam) TwanM4n MarthSR
Any% SNES TM9001 GVirus
Any% SNES Midnight_Vesper, XombiePunkTV, cutieroosr, DDg GVirus
NLE N54 ObiyoSRL XombiePunk
Special Agent PC Katlink Keiishi
0-20 SNES Acmlm DD_g
All Cups (Skips) N64 Ce_Mec DD_g
All Missions NDS Chwarles, bigpuddings DD_g
All bosses PSX BB_Live 50percentgaming
Any% easy Glitchless PC Harpo669 50percentgaming
Any% SNES (Emu) TheMalaki 50percentgaming
100% SNES killmoulis 50percentgaming
Any% SNES Khanster786 King Durdle
X Any% Buster Only PSX DragonMetalQueen King Durdle
Any% (Easy) PC ProInfernape TaintedTali
Any% PC MissHarvey GVirus
Saturday, March 20, 2021
Stream% Twich noresetspeedrun GVirus
Randomizer NES (Emu) rafehatescaleb, DVS7, LuffyDV, DeadpulseSigma GVirus
Any% SNES Ryan_Ford522 GVirus
Any% PC MikeyTheDrumGuy & Jesse335 GVirus
Any% PC AnEternalEnigma KatLink
Any% PC Quatropus KatLink
Any % SNES (emu) BouletsdelaMer KatLink
Konquest WiiU RubberDuckyAssassin King Durdle
Zorah2% PC JalBagel TaintedTali
Best Ending SNES stringbeanstring SpeakerGreen
100% N64 SecretHumorMan SpeakerGreen
Any% NES Tecate, xKelseeeey BenShowSly
All Rangers SNES StigmatPlays BenShowSly
Coop SNES (Emu) queenanneb & solarcell007 BenShowSly
Any% NES (Emu) Moliman22, Tecate Max des Nevralgiques
Facile% SNES (Emu) MaxBlaze64 Max des Nevralgiques
Facile% SNES (Emu) MaxBlaze64 Max des Nevralgiques
All Missions NES Darthdreadz Max des Nevralgiques
NG+ All Story Free Missions Wii NinjaFalcon_2 Max des Nevralgiques
All Stages SNES rockjmt Sikrieria
Funky Mode Any% Switch VIICTIIM Sikrieria
Any% PC davidtki GVirus
Any% NES charlieboy_, Siberianbull9 GVirus
Any% SNES MaxKetchumz GVirus
Blind Race PC Kuumba_, megamarino, Brick_Man GVirus
Sunday, March 21, 2021
Tails Story PC TheAlphaDolphin DomDoughty
Glitchless Genesis SuperSonic_ DomDoughty
Beat the Game (Sonic) Genesis AceGamerSam, BoomBapChris DomDoughty
Rando SNES MarthSR, MastaFredz7, moo_moony, Sikrieria ZiggehGG
Richter Any% PSX decapent316, Sensato_Kuro ZiggehGG
Richter Any% 3DS Domdoughty ZiggehGG
Jill Knife Only PC deserteagle417 AnEternalEnigma
Low% PC SavageSaskatch AnEternalEnigma
Any% SNES (Emu) Elastoid AnEternalEnigma
R+7 S6 PC olo70009 NicoPlaysThings
Any% PC Avasam NicoPlaysThings
All Worlds No Bosses PC PeasSMB NicoPlaysThings
All Trials Coop PC LovenityJade_VR & Soniceggman Midnight_Vesper
50 Phases NES (Emu) cestpatou Midnight_Vesper
Warpless NES 50percentgaming Keiishi
Any% NES moo_moony Keiishi
Any% warpless NES rockdet Keiishi
All Castles SNES SuperBigKMart Anma
Death Road SNES electronicLogic Anma
8bit NG+ (OOB) PC Codejinn Anmaeriel
Keyboard Showcase PC CedricSM GVirus
SBS PC SmashySR ElectronicLogic
Main Quest Order PC RooseSR ElectronicLogic
RBO/VBO SNES parisianplayer GVirus
Jets of Time SNES LyraSRL Anma
Monday, March 22, 2021
Stream% Twitch noresetspeedrun GVirus

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