Midwest Speedfest 2020


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All dates and times are given in America/Chicago timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

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Sonic - Bad Ending Kiwami
NG+ Judas Ending emeraldaly Narration Language(English, Chinese, Japanese). Upgrade to All Bosses
Any% Gigyasblues
Full Game Treya Rules of the Game Secret Level
Ultimate Helix Monkey Bidwar, Input Display GCN
Story Mode 0 Bananas PetresInc Bonus Master 0 bananas run GCN
Inbounds No SLA Inflame
Single Player BSSDRVN Sing Credits Theme
New Engine Alexh0we
Any% No Spin Buffet_Time
96 Exit Area51 Sandbar Attempt
All Normal Levels NG+ Yoda_Cage
Career Any% (NG+) fGeorjje Crew Name
PSX Disc Shug_ssb Squall Name, Griever Name, Save the Hotdogs, Sing "Eyes on Me" PSX
Friday, August 28, 2020
Any% NG+ Orion_VTuber
Any% (No Death Skips) moonblazewolf Change Category to All Gold Ranks (+5 Minutes)
Beat The Game Talcerase
Beginner Any% Biglaw Blimp Mission, Skater Name
Story - Easy Biglaw
Any% Violin_SR Cutscene Glitch Showcase
Initiation TRSCP
1P4C CHX42
Easy Any% Cajink87 Any% Difficult Mode (+2 Minutes)
Any% Veteran AShinyBlackPhoenix Master World 1 Showcase
Beat RotK Mr_Shasta
Best Ending Glitchless Ryan_Ford522
Any% nes_ Starter Bidwar, Player Name Bidwar, Rival Name Bidwar, HM Pokemon Name Bidwar, Starter Pokemon Name Bidwar
Sonic Joeybaby69
Any% Jaxler PS2
Any% Co-op NMS ThisGuyAreSick + Ms_Rey Yarn Color
All Ponspectors ClassicRagu Fight the Dragon (10 Minutes)
Any% SuperViperT302 Wii
Saturday, August 29, 2020
Dancepad 70 Star PeekingBoo Input Display N64
Speedrun Mode (Furier) Ætienne Blindfolded Boss Fight
100% (Xtreme) FocusSight Revisited Story Bidwar
Any% Psyrade
No Levels Early Silo_Simon
5 Game Rush IsBullets Wear a Different Animal Hat Each Run
Alucard Any% Requiem/DXC Disdonn Trevor Belmont (Netflix) Costume
100% BashPrime View the "Hear the words of O-Lir" cutscene
Maria Only dat1niceguy
Any% GanonSlayer Switch
Endless Mode Philosoraptor42 Character Bidwar Switch
Any% Ryan_Ford522 Filename Bidwar
Any% - No Taxi Glitch Konasumi Audio Language Bidwar English French Italian German Spanish Polish Japanese
All Time Trials jammitch Game Skin Bidwar, Pacifice IL demo
Sonic's Story (No MSG) Flubbler Glitch Exhibition X360
Perfect Ending d2kemps + Wolfman2000 Save Lance, Save the Elder, Save Delvin, Save Gammon, Seed Name, Lenna Name
Any% 12Sided
GT Code FreyasSpirit Save or Kill the Animals SNES
Any% TheTattedNative Give Nemesis Stars
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Any% Knife Only DrMaxtermind
All Bosses v1.1 Fruity_Waffles
Arcade Zan (Easy) ThePoloKing Health Item Bidwar
Character Bidwar Elite Gamer Zojalyx Tower of Orthanc Bonus Run
Any% Horza_BG Hero Name, Pet Name
Hard emosewamc
Any% No FPS Abuse Twak Pet a Goat
Beat World 1 Ventifer Blindfolded Run Switch
All Standard Levels Frozenflygone Bonus True Pure Any% Run (1:30min)
Genocide Randomizer WizardVapes Frisk Name, Pan or Gun, Drop the Stick PC
v4.1, Complete 3 of 4 Objectives Gambit + BahamutX_ Twinharp Song, Zeromus Sprite, Character Names, Force one player to have to complete all 4 objectives (donation towards one runner or the other)
Challenge (Intense) CardsOfTheHeart + FFRPro Category Bidwar (Normal vs Scroll On), Pokemon Choice Bidwar(Cyndaquil, Pikachu, Bellossom, Chikorita, Sentret, Togepi, Marill, Totodile)
100% Randomizer Tridenttail + SweenerDog
Randomizer Crowd Control Synack
Any% DeanMachine Use Iron Boots at End Game, Filename Bidwar, Epona Name Bidwar
Any% TallestThomas

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