Nazaré-thon 2

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PS3 Any% No Create KiwamiZX
SNES 100% VaeVictus
Mega Drive Easy ShimeGabriel
SNES Beat de Game HiroMunii
SNES Professional Mode HaBeeBs_
SNES Co-op Pelé dos Games, Urso
PC/Steam Any% Atenah
Nintendo Switch Flex on Mum VouDarVirote
PSP X - 100% RudsonStrife, AeronMasterQuest
SNES Any% Akutarex
Mobile One wing Owlineee
PC Shiva (SoR3) - Normal (v5.2) ShimeGabriel
PS2 Class 1 Icenine
SNES 69% Glaucio_Souza
Mega Drive Easy NicolasViotto
Cama A mimir Keepo
Monday, December 14, 2020
Nintendo Switch Funk% No Death Abuse Nayume
PS4 Any% Chiteiro1
SNES Any% Thugkjj - O Runner de Bomberman
Mega Drive Career Mode ShimeGabriel
SNES Any% Urso
PS1 X - 100% AeronMasterQuest
PS2 All Stages KiwamiZX
PC All Stages, Normal Thaide
SNES 46 Exits Noise
SNES Marriage Danielhfc
PC Fall 2020 Icenine
PC HD Any% - Race Doumeis, FhelWanger, BlackLaMamba, Narti1800_
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Cama A mimir Keepo
PS4 Very Hard Glitchless Maozinha
PS1 Glitchless VFG, Pelé dos Games, Helicoptero Apache de Ataque, Pytlovan
PC Story Mode CariocaMEX
PS1 Beat the Game Chiteiro1
Master System 100% Sanic
PC NG+ Any%/DLCs Fabio8000
Mega Drive Any% Sanic
Nintendo 64 Dank% Icenine, Luna - O Stick mais longo do meu bairro
PC Torneio 2x2 Galero
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
PC Wrong Warp Faeddin
PC Any% Survival Glitched Desuroth
Sega Genesis Eric - Normal VaeVictus
Cama A mimir Keepo
PS1 15 drop Chiteiro1
Sega Saturn Any% No OoB Luna, A Grande Valkyria Lendaria da Lua
PC Tails, Beat the Game KiwamiZX
Nintendo Switch Sonic - Bad Ending KiwamiZX
SNES Any% Pytlovan
PC Tails, Any% SauloAndrade_
SNES Any% Thugkjj - O Runner de Bomberman
SNES Small Only/Low% JairGamer40, Thugkjj - O Runner de Bomberman
SNES Any% Good Ending Meleka_
NES Any% ItsPietroFelix
PC Any% Fun Faeddin, Thugkjj - O Runner de Bomberman
SNES Any% No Major Glitches Tepedino
SNES Jets of Time Randomizer Glitchless Moonblizzard
PC 2x2 mini tourney GALERO
PC Any% (No DLC) Chiteiro1
Thursday, December 17, 2020
Cama A mimir Keepo
PSP Any% VaeVictus
SNES Glitch Any% HiroMunii
PS1 Any% Co-op Chiteiro1
PS1 Any% No Item Glitch Chiteiro1
PC 100% KiwamiZX
SNES Any% Thugkjj - O Runner de Bomberman
SNES Easy% Cormano/Bob Galero
PC/Mobile Memes Galero
PC Any% LunaValkyr
N64 69 Segredo
PC/Mobile memes Galero

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