NFSathon 2019

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Preshow Everyone awake fGeorjje
Ultimate racer Balathruin fGeorjje
Cop any% LonneSurvivor LonneSurvivor
Any% NG+ [Racer] Speedbooster27 LonneSurvivor
Quick Play Battle LonneSurvivor LonneSurvivor
Online Tournament: Semifinals G1 LonneSurvivor, takigosciu (+DnBlast, RaTT107, pottis, Vyplummy, ThatImport08) fGeorjje
Online Tournament: Semifinals G2 Jonny, swoopthenoob (+XONECL, TKM, Player, ScXs, credel89yt) fGeorjje
Underground 100% fGeorjje fGeorjje
Sunday, August 04, 2019
Career any% fGeorjje fGeorjje
SETUP fGeorjje
Career any% Race TDOG20, wiigocadee & crofty___ fGeorjje
Any% Glitchless NaumenTV NaumenTV
Career any% [NG+] fGeorjje
Online Tournament: Finals takigosciu, Jonny, swoopthenoob (+DnBlast, RaTT107, TKM, ScXs, credel89yt) fGeorjje
All Tracks KaceyTV SloaTheDemon
Knockout Expert NG+ Ewil SloaTheDemon
Tournament Champion Ewil SloaTheDemon
The Run extreme% DOHCGaming SloaTheDemon
Monday, August 05, 2019
BibleThump Everyone still awake SloaTheDemon

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