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DS Free Play RTA LaserTrap_
PC Any% Glitchless Jankmo
PC Any% KonceptionSR
PS1 Beat The Game Mildew
PC Any% Glitched Konasumi
Nintendo 64 16 Star Blindfolded Bubzia
NES All Levels AdamFerrari64
PC Any% RicaSuave
PC Any% FromDarkHell
PC Solo Any% Sean_A
PC Timeskip Any% Deebz
Sunday, December 19, 2021
PC All Charm Notches (NMG, Current Patch) mathulu
Bed Sleep Everyone
PC Vergil New Game Devil Hunter igna77
PS2 Any% Elfinout
PC 100% Kuumba
Genesis Any% faust4712
PS2 Any% NG+ Mattmatt
PS2 Arcade Medium + Cutscenes theboyks
PC Thief Any% misterprmiller
Switch Any% Etchy

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