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Setting things up and getting ready for the stream
Just a casual 101% [as-fast-as-you-can] play-through of DKC
Just a casual 102% [as-fast-as-you-can] play-through of DKC2
Just a casual 103% [as-fast-as-you-can] play-through of DKC3
Time to take a break to eat something
To join in, you'll need the PJ64K emulator and the rom. PJ64K can be found here:, and the rom can be found here:
Casual hunts with everyone!
Finishing off the night with some DKC[GBC] runs!
I'll be doing the gift sub give aways as well as the $25 Amazon Gift Card give away at this time. (if an amazon card doesn't work for you [given your location] than we can work out a different prize)
I'll be saying some final closing words & giving my thanks away <3

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