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Coop Showcase Elgerine + Skunkoff PC
Dose Homéopathique Aulnecoeur PC
Any % No Fling Ker Pouic-Pouic PC
Any % glitchless Moonrim PC
Any % No WW Elgerine PC
All Courses Faraziel Neo Geo
Remporter 7 combats consécutifs à l'usine de combat Khlass + Lyliya Game Boy Advance
All World Celestitch PC
Easy + Medium Faraziel PC
Challenge Coop Weaponless Celestitch + Ker Pouic-Pouic PC
Inbounds Legacy Twitch % Lyliya PC
Double Jump Glitchless Ker Pouic-Pouic PC
Advanced All Levels Faraziel Gamecube
Twitch % Showcase Lyliya PC
Any % Ker Pouic-Pouic PC
All Bosses Moonrim PC
8bit No Oob Skunkoff PC
Classic Faraziel PC
All Bosses Contos PC

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