preNASA 2019

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All Levels Capridog
100% Bregermann
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Any% bytesmega
Any% Jabro Combo% (play as the worst character)
Any% Jabro
NTSC-J Console TwoWorlds
Any% XYX
Aqua shadoweh91
Beta - Classic Mode PeterAfro
New Zeland, Group B (4WD) Squaky
Required Events (Modded) Jak8
Any% kitofox Watch the legendary 4-7 cutscene
No IM/WW RoseWater Filename bidwar
Any% typwo
1.2 any% w/ sound lurk Companion Names
Any% (A) DaleDukk Gestalt vs Replicant bidwar
Any% All Bosses (Ninja) Pasky
Any% [A] DaleDukk
Sunday, March 17, 2019
250k Points quo Filename bidwar AND picture of pikachu riding articuno
Chronicle Mode TwoWorlds
Any% Lazerlong Watch the cutscenes
Easy MASH Character bidwar
Easy MASH Character bidwar
Easy Enasper
Medium [Level-4] Enasper
Any% Capridog
Story Mode Any% Capridog
Any% N64 shadoweh91
VS. shadoweh91
Vs. Com SP Hard FFRPro21
100 Lines, Level 0 Start FFRPro21
Round Clear (Super Hard) FFRPro21
Any% No Up+A RaikouRider
Any% Glitchless RaikouRider
Medium Electra13x7777 Character selection bidwar
NG+ Electra13x7777
Cutscene% LeftSideWorldwide Lost Hobo King DLC

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