QFSF Summer 2018

Starts on

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Start Screen% Capridog
All Events (Modded) Jak8
Any% Yayfornuke & Salvner
Any% Glitchless Jak8
N64 30 Tokens Capridog
Story Mode Any% Capridog
Any% Capridog
Any% Capridog
Any% XYX
Story Mode JasperTheFish & Cmdr
Target Test 2 - All Characters Cmdr
All Sports Cmdr
Saturday, August 11, 2018
All Stages (Easy) 8bitsgr8
Any% iTowerTV & ConkerHax
Any% - Knothead MasterLeoBlue
Sonic + Tails Race JasperTheFish & Mathew10Wilson
Easy Any% LinkaMeister
Any% LinkaMeister
Any% (Normal) LocaMash
Enhanced Default Difficulty PvtCb
Beat the Game (Normal Mode) shadoweh91
VS V-Hard shadoweh91
120 Star Co-Op LocaMash & Trueballer21
120 Star Paracusia

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