QFSF Summer 2019

Starts on

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All Projectors SuzyDoodletones
Worker SuzyDoodletones
100% shadoweh91
Any% Shtrudel & RNG
Any% Set Seed Capridog
All Radios XYX
Any% (PC) ThermalSquare & Shtrudel
100% Capridog
God Mode JasperTheFish
Story Mode JasperTheFish
Any% infinitegamer521
Saturday, July 20, 2019
Sleep% Everyone
Any% Capridog
Any% ThermalSquare
Any% w/ Flight Ninpalk & xannon1
Alfyn Single Story shadoweh91
Any% (Normal) shadoweh91 & TWP__
All Debts golderzoa
Any% TowerTV_ & Jackalaka
NG+ TowerTV_ & ZimSR
Any% (Normal) LocaMash
120 Star LocaMash & Trueballer21
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Any% Critical/1 Ventus TheSilverKeyblade
100% REDO Capridog

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