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Knuckles: Beat the Game AlecK47
All Levels (Main Ending) Emm0ji
Any% PI_9000
Any% PrototypeAlpha
All First Chapters starsmiley
Any% Extreme MetalGlennSolid
100% Nimputs
Any% New Game+ thepotato_666
Any% SuperViperT302
All Time Trials (No DLC) teapartycthulu
Easy% LRock617
Hero Story Drakodan
Small Only Seathorne, Sten, Xander479
Dance Pad 70 Star PeekingBoo
Any% (VGA) LoremasterMotoss
Saturday, August 03, 2019
Standard/Open mchan338, RetroReviver
New Game (Solo, Any%) Im_Silver_YAY
Warpless AlecK47
Any% CesarMartins12
Any% thepotato_666
Any% (No Game Over Abuse) stumpdotio
Any% Glackum
Any% No Death Abuse (Funky Mode) Riekelt
Any% kingbeandip2, ace_sr
Mountain 100% vaporeon1
Birth Drakodan
Warpless SuperSonic71087
All Cups 150cc (Skips) SuperViperT302
All Castles iDabz_, shadyforcegames
GT Classic stumpdotio
True Pacifist Shayy
All Chapters TGH_sr
Any% 1 Credit Clear LRock617
Any% SuperViperT302
Sunday, August 04, 2019
All Castles mchan338
100% mchan338
Any% NG+ RealmCopier
All Stages (Easy) 8BitisGr8
Any% (Hard) GhostKumo
White Robe Scarfless Gyoo_
Any% couch_23
Any% KLM1187
100% Ladybugg_
Snaking All Tracks 1davidj
Air Ride All Tracks 1davidj
Randomizer wooferzfg_
Any% NSC HarpyCarpy
Challenge Champion% MixMastaPJ
All A's Pea_txt
Dark Story MeItrs
Any% Legendary AsterQuasi

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