GSA - Super Mario Maker 2 Charity Event for UAP

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Start timeTime slotRunnersCommentators
Thabeast721 vs Mmuurphy ALTInsider & UnknownAvailability
Doomsday31415 vs Oshikorosu KatherineOfSky & Avalon
NRG LilKirbs vs Shoujo KatherineOfSky & Avalon
iiPK vs KoopaYuu UnknownAvailability & PCFanGirl
mmuurphy vs. oshikorosu KatherineOfSky & Avalon
shoujo vs. koopayuu KatherineOfSky & Avalon
thabeast721 vs. Doomsday WarningTrack & UnknownAvailability
NRG LilKirbs vs. Mazer iiPK WarningTrack & UnknownAvailability
Oshikorosu vs. LilKirbs ALTInsider & PCFangirl
Shoujo vs. Thabeast721 ALTInsider & PCFangirl
Doomsday vs. iiPK KatherineOfSky & Avalon
LilKirbs vs. Thabeast721 WarningTrack & UnknownAvailability
Doomsday31415 vs. Thabeast721 ALTInsider & PCFanGirl
Mazer iiPK vs. Doomsday31415 ALTInsider & Oshikorosu

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