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No Nost AetherStrider, SableDragonRook
No Cameron N/A
No Wed N/A
Yes Zic3 vs. AetherStrider vs. EZScape N/A
No Wally N/A
Yes Arttles & Ladybugg vs. Bregermann & Luka Wally
Yes Dactyly vs. Hummeldon N/A
Sunday, November 10, 2019
No Wally N/A
No vSnake Wally
No Wed N/A
Yes Superdog vs. vSnake N/A
Yes Nerf vs. Jeremy N/A
No Spora zacharylawrence, Jeremy
No Zombiemaster N/A
No Dactyly N/A
No Nerf N/A
No Tocaloni N/A
No Arttles Shaww
No zacharylawrence tooper
No tooper zacharylawrence
No SableDragonRook N/A
No Toaster Gazco, Hummeldon
No Elkjaer N/A
No Jumpy EZScape, Cameron, Hypnoshark
No Wed Wally

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