STA Dijon Saiten 2018 (Salle)

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Canap% Setup STA
Any% PS2 PAL PS2 Hagrimm
Any% Genesis linkboss
Any% Magician route PS3 Zelgius
Any% NoSEB Genesis MisterPanda
Aventure - Default PC Ulvind
Any% (fil rouge) PS3 Soma_SR
Jill vs. Chris Any% NMG PS1 Flogoo vs. Sephjul
Dodo% McDo Philippe
Sunday, October 14, 2018
Any% US PS1 Flogoo
Any% SNES Zelgius
Any% no0hp GBA Soma_SR
Any% No Major Glitch SNES Zelgius
Speedrun Mode PS4 Platypus_Funk
Any% Glitchless (fil rouge) Wii U ÆtienneTV

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