STA AllStars 2017

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All Golden Cubes Gyoo PC
100% Sistraer Playstation
All Masks Amateseru Wii VC
Saturday, March 25, 2017
Axel Normal Kintefleush Genesis
Any% Linkboss Genesis
Any% Mickey Susanoo Genesis
100% Ulmin PC
Any% Dylaneka PC
Any% A3r1uS Super Nintendo
NG+ S Ending Chopper Wii
Any% Holysmith Sega CD
Mode Speedrun Angelym PC
No Saveglitch Teckk PC
100% Le Hulk Super Nintendo
16 Stars Basouification VS Samus Nintendo 64
70 Stars Basouification Nintendo 64
Troll %
Any% Easy Alien PC
Any% Solimuse PSP
7 Characters Shigan PC
Any% Alaedar PC
Any% RMZ VS Maman Master System
Any% Linkboss VS Mr Patafoin Genesis
Any% Chonkal Genesis
Sunday, March 26, 2017
Tails's Story Quaker299 PC
Any% Alaedar Playstation
Normal Alien Playstation 2
Any% NG No DLC Chfou PC
Any% DxSteveX GameBoy Advance
Any% Glitchless with Spearow _POY GameBoy Color
Any% Lewax PC
Any% Twispy PC
Any % Medium Stefcad Super Nintendo
Any% Stefcad Super Nintendo
Any% Matimbre GameCube
Any% Foine PC
Hype% Hagrimm et DeadHunter

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