STA Sunshine 2019

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STA% Jean-Michel présentateur Chaussures
Axel / Normal Sm_Izumi SMD
Any% Dinopony SMD
Single Story Neoslash72 Switch
All Bosses Contostv PC
Saturday, August 31, 2019
Any% Hard 7eraser7 PC
11 exit nilasmondaise SNES
Jill - Bad Ending - No Major Glitches RathianSC2_Speedrun PC
Glitchless Ætienne WiiU
Any% Glitchless nilasmondaise Gameboy
White Robe Scarfless Gyoo PS4
Any% Sm_Izumi PC
Baka Ouji Sm_Izumi Snes
Bonus% STA AH !
Superplay - Expert Mode Itsukushimu PC
All Tracks RastaBobbyTM PC
Bingo! happyfleush N64
Advanced - All Levels Faraziel GC
Any% Lusther PC
All Dungeons - Randomizer - Normal SuperPlayer02 Switch
Psychothérapie All Cutscenes blackmoxxi_ PC
Sunday, September 01, 2019
Any% Megadrive linkboss Megadrive
Any% Leon A RathianSC2_Speedrun PC
Career Any% - NG Cousinouf PC
Any% - Glitchless Linkorange Wii VC
Any% - Easy Soma_sr 3DS
Any% tous L'écran
RACE RANDOMIZER SuperPlayer02, Shou_Piamiou, nilasmondaise Snes
Any% Zipless 7eraser7 PC
Any% - Normal Lusther PC
100% SuperPlayer02 Switch VC
Any% NeoSlash72 PC
Any% Vous tous Voodoo3

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