ZERO x Castlevania 2022

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Any% AgentWyvern (He/Him)
Grant KutsuSheeta (He/Him)
Any% (Best of 3) jay_cee & SBDWolf (He/Him)
Original Save Mode Glitch% Krayzar_ (He/Him)
Any% Eagleeye_Jones (He/Him) & crismas (She/Her)
Carrie Any% Ty2358 (He/Him)
Cornell Any% Musicbox716 (She/Her)
Any% Charlie9631 (He/Him)
Any% Krayzar (He/Him)
Best Ending ZeeGee (He/Him)
Any% NG+ ChurchnSarge (He/Him)
Any% Desolis (He/Him)
Any% Easy zantomun (He/Him)
All Bosses SmellyMctroll
Sunday, February 13, 2022
Team Race rot_ta (They/Them)/turteli (He/Him) & rey_link/MrDino023
Any% SBDWolf (He/Him)
Sypha freeland1787 & KutsuSheeta (He/Him)
Dove Only rot_ta (They/Them) & Dshana__ (He/Him)
Any% Eric Normal CastelodaVania (He/Him)
Any% NG+ Turbodog702 (He/Him)
Any% NG+ ChurchnSarge (He/Him)
Julius (Exhibition) Xugen
6Players Ch.1-11 Hard NG+ The_Cyriss_Zeal, TheRealResidentX , Tower0fDarkness, winkfire, Ang3l1c Shin0b1, evilguy95

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