Welcome to Horaro

This tool allows you to create schedules (specifically tailored towards live stream marathons). It's free (as in free beer) and available both as a hosted service and as an open-source application.

Connect with Twitch to create your own schedules. Your e-mail address and password are never revealed to Horaro.

…or instead create a classic account without Twitch, if you like.

Some Features


Screenshot showing a schedule on a small screen

Schedules work well even on tablets and phones.

Always Up-to-Date

Screenshot showing the current/next item in a schedule

See immediately what's on right now and what's next to come.

Open Data

Screenshot showing the JSON export of a schedule

Access all schedules as JSON(P), XML or CSV.


Screenshot showing the JSON export of a schedule

You can control the schedule columns as you see fit.

Keep Your Privacy

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Google+, no Adsense, no nothing.


Screenshot of a schedule using the Amelia theme

Select from a number of different themes for your schedules.

Private Schedules

Mark schedules as private and only share them with people you want to.

iCal Feeds

Screenshot showing the default Android calendar showing imported schedule items

Subscribe to a schedule to get all dates constantly updated in your personal calendar.