100 Follower Marathon

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Gonna sit and vibe with my community and see how everyone's doing!
Back to our roots! Gonna be doing some solo/duo queue, making an attempt to climb. Feel free to ask any questions about the game!
Wind down from league with some cozy TFT!
Unrated shooty shoot with friends. FPS games aren't much of my thing, I apologize in advance...
Gotta hydrate B)
Main game time. Gonna debut All Bosses and see how the run goes! Should be a lot of fun
Gotta hydrate... again :D
A sneak peak at the next game I'll be speedrunning after Dread! Very good game, excited to play through it. Gonna try my best at an any% run.
What can I say, this game is THE Metroid speed game. Gonna do my best attempt at an any% classic (KPDR) run.
Sunday, August 07, 2022
bed time LOL ty watch DataFace

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