2018 SourceRuns Winter Marathon

Starts on

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerTwitch Name
Glitch "Less" MakkerDon MakkerDon
Any% MakkerDon MakkerDon
any% scriptless alexh0we alex_sr
race - inbounds alexh0we & ConnorAce alex_sr ConnorAce
Any% spidda spidda
YotDOCDRUHLCM - Any%, Realtime, Scriptless waezone waezone
All Masks Buffet Time Buffet_Time
Airboat% ConnorAce ConnorAce
Any% WindedCone WindedCone
any% scriptless Jukspa Jukspa
any% Liam callmeliam
Any% Sethy boi hellosethhh
Backwards% big man SETH hellosethhh
OOB Wilbo Wilbo__
Any % chinese_soup chinese_soup
Beat the Game Xinera xinera
Solo Coop msushi msushi100
Jumpless Scriptless EddWardG EddWardG
Sleep SourceRuns SourceRuns
Sunday, December 16, 2018
Main Campaign Solo Scripted% JurasPatryk juraspatryk
Single Segment Inbounds PerOculos PerOculos
Cooperative Game Can't Even & msushi canteven & msushi100
Any% Maltemller Maltemller
4-player coop Taka, Manonox, Chillu, CH1DDY Taka, Manonox, Chillu, CH1DDY
Easy Elgu Elgu_
SSU% S. LotsOfS
Any% Benedictatorr Benedictatorr
epic% icy girlgamer420_
Any% Benedictatorr Benedictatorr
Old Engine Scripted% Centaur1um Centaur1um
SourceCast% SourceRuns SourceRuns

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