24H DE SPIDIUM: Time do Socao! Só speedruns de PORRADA!

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Mochila% Rudsonstrife
Any% Normal Krolm009
Klassic Tower Misterguigs1
Any% Coop Felipenascimento83 & Ritah
Any% Easy VaeVictusBR
Any% Richter Only Castelodavania
Beat The Game Glitchless Saduske
Beat the game cesarmartins12
15-card Randomizer Neczin
Class 1 DeevilHunter
Any% - Legacy tgoconker
Any% Easy linkrta_ Vs. yurisalgadin
Any% yurisalgadin
Arcade Deh_caster
Sunday, November 12, 2023
All Stages BetoKos
Glitchless Poliana_sg & Brendoonmaster
All Levels Normal Mode Nootzin
Hard Morphless LD
Any% Gamestart_Curitiba
Any% Caku_
Class 1 MarcosYzzo
Any% Omegacanfora
No Levels Early gairin_
Randomizer Any% xxSoketxx
Any% No WW Gamestart_Curitiba
Randomizer (Item, Pokemon e Portas) Uperalta
Milla Jovovich% MirageIW
No Cutscene VaeVictusBR

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