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ScheduledEstimateRunnerCategoryPlatformYear of Release
KonceptionSR No Major Skips PS5 2020
sharif Any% GBA 2001
Oldclov Knuckles - All Emeralds PC 2017
PaulSaltine Any% SNES 1999
trojandude, Cutieroo Co-op, World Tour, Shards PC 2015
cajink87 Any% GEN 1995
Shimegabriel Any% GEN 1995
TheMexicanRunner Any% No WW NES 1991
TheMexicanRunner 1Loop (Squire) Switch 2021
Chubbus Any% (Two Loops) GEN 1989
PaulSaltine Baby GEN 1992
EIGHT Normal% No Exploits GEN 1994
Estacaco Any% GEN 1991
JSR_ Meme Meme Meme
cajink87 EIGHT Songs Guitar/vox Lol
Saturday, June 05, 2021
zz zz zz zz
Nichole Goodnight All Maps PC 2020
yoshipro, RagingRedneck Any% race PS1 1998
electra_rta Ninja Chapter SFC 1994
Shimegabriel Easy Any% GEN 1992
thugkjj Any% SNES 1995
V0oid All DK Coins SNES 1995
TheBlacktastic Showcase PC 2019
aes Showcase PC 2007
ZELLLOOO Showcase Arcade 2019
SegaJunkie Hard GEN 1993
Nichole Goodnight Meme AF PC 2020
ZELLLOOO Be Gentle-Speed PC 2020
Sunday, June 06, 2021
TravWhite 100% All Keys NES 1987
justinman114 Any% NES 1987
zz zz zz zz
KPloggz Marathon - Full Game PC 2020
Strouse12 Easy% SNES 1991
KonceptionSR Tower of Two Fists (Get Urshifu) Switch 2019
aesutora All Endings Seedless PC 2020
Midnight_Vesper Any% PC 2015
SuperSonic Glitchless GEN 1991
WQQQQWRT All Dungeons GB 2006
TheBlacktastic Any% Ultimate Showcase PC 2018/2020
Faust4712 Any% Saturn 1995
LRock617 Arcade 1CC (2P, AAA Version) Arcade 1992
thugkjj, GreenMixTape Any% race SNES/SFC 1993
TheMexicanRunner Hater% PC 2017
zz zz zz zz

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