ALTTP Marathon

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ALTTP Mini Moldorm OHKO
ALTTPR Co-op race, All Dungeons, Open
ALTTP All Bosses No EG
ALTTPR Enemizer, Chaos boss-shuffle/enemy-damage
Saturday, September 21, 2019
ALTTPR Insane Difficulty
ALTTPR Co-op, Keysanity, Overworld Glitches
ALTTPR Chaos Enemizer (custom), Triforce Hunt
ALTTP All Dungeons, Restricted Major Glitches, No S+Q
ALTTP Reverse Boss Order, Restricted Major Glitches
ALTTPR Co-op Ice Rod Hunt
ALTTP Any% No Major Glitches
ALTTPR Keysanity, Lockout Bingo
ALTTPR Crowd Control race
ALTTPR Multiworld

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