Event Schedule

This marathon's purpose is raising the money we need for travelling to Chile in february for the next CSM3 marathon, the schedule of that event is here https://horaro.org/csm/csm3

Here we have the details of the expenses https://pastebin.com/dr11KYCa

The channel for this marathon is https://twitch.tv/enhu_

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnersDonation Incentives
Any% vlackSR
Best Ending Engi Any% One Handed
Risky Mode Any% Goofi
Dallas 13 Quest Mode El_Nacho Dallas 13's Quest Mode vs Bob. O's Quest Mode
Any% Berlindude1 Beat the final boss as a bird
Any% Berlindude1
Any% Berlindude1
Any% Dalus Beat the final boss instead of skipping it
Lilac Revolucion
Any% Ch0cman
Sonic & Tails All Emeralds Argick
Any% Warps Lessness
Pajama% HunterRNG Name the characters, favorite food and things
Specter Knight Any% BrassWolf Name the file and choose the pallete
Any% Race Faila/kitcarsonn
Any% Justin-credible
Any% (Normal, Zippless) Race JonnyArcade/Twilight
All Stages Race Protomagicalgirl/FuzzDistor Play as Roll instead
Any% delcaMX
X 100% UltraUberness
All Stages Race FuzzDistor/TerraCHL
Any% No WW/OoB/S+Q vlackSR Rescue Marin or letting her die bid war. Play Any% ACE
Any% Race Engi/vlackSR
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Knife Only (Original) - PC JulianRX All Nemesis Fight
NG+ Easy Faila
Leon A Any% ItsWasted
Speedrun Mode El_Nacho Fight Bernard
Any% FuzzDistor
All Missions Tchy
Beginner Any% Danrubi Fight Sephirot
Plague Knight Any% Fladervy
Any% bermejiyo
100% Lawso
11 Exits No Major Glitches Baddap1
Story% kitcarsonn
Any% RoHiSakk
Any% Engi Sing Lonely Rolling Star
100% Co-op Neis/Lynxx Save or kill the animals
Any% Enhu
Any% Race kbzonfc1/Niakki
Any% kbzonfc1
Team Chaotix GreenDavideku
Copen Any% Race Benja/Frank
All Time Pieces Enhu

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