A Race Against Time 3

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Sadlybadlyy PC All Story Missions
LinkaMeister GameCube All Bronze Races
RealmCopier PS2 Any% NG+
zoton2 vs. tduva PC Any%
1davidj N64 All Tracks
Nimputs Xbox 360 World Tour Any%
Konasumi PS1 All Tracks
Fitzentoaster Arcade 100%
Madtaz64 Xbox 360 Any%
MrMarowak Nintendo 3DS All Courses (Booster)
superSANIC_ PC Championship
superSANIC_ GameCube Story Mode (Very Hard)
pearstrike Wii Normal Circuit (No Retire)
Everyone Bed Any%
Saturday, June 02, 2018
axelalex2 PC Platform 100%
Lonnesurvivor PC Cop any%
fGeorjje PC Challenge Series (CE only)
Thebpg13 vs. LuckY1297 PC Arcade%
Jugachi PC Any%
Lonnesurvivor Arcade Rebirth
BIGV10 PS3 Any%
Konasumi PS1 Story Mode
AxlThunder PS1 All Tracks
doctorfeesh N64 All Championships (No Retire)
Everyone Bed Any%
Sunday, June 03, 2018
FiremanPC PC Easy Championship%
Lonnesurvivor PC Any% (Level Skips)
RastaBobbyTM PC All Environments All Flags
zoton2 Xbox One All Star (Career Mode)
Nightbarrel PS4 All Tracks
zoton2 Wii U Any%
Nimputs Wii Any% No OoB

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