Alternate Reality Quick Play Assembly 2020

This completely fictitious speedrunning marathon is based on all past ESA and GDQ events and was created using a Markov chain generator.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Spyro 2: Most 2 No Levels NESNES
Gargotterhouse 00 Meters (Glitched) NESNESNESNES2
Super Moose Quests (No Run) Nii U
Yoshi's Islands 2 All Missions XS Rank N64
Big Rigs: Overdose Any%% Wii U
Quest Evil 3 Any% Glitches NES
Pokémon Age of Lightning DX 100% Wii 3
Hatsume (NES) Any% (No Levels) Xbox
Tom Clancy Panic No Game+ Extreme NES
Monday, June 22, 2020
Battlevania: Symphonic Trip World Exhibition PCubo VC
A Story Any% PC
Panic Warcraft Auto III Any% Any% NES
The Comphony of Kong Any% (NMG) NES364
Half-Life: Pro Skyrim Deat the Comments Switch
E.V.O.F.G. 3 All Bosses PSNES2
Zelda: Ocarina Bros. 200% PC
Katalysian Time One-Handed PSNES
Friday Night 101% PC
Sonic Fox: HD Beat Threeplayer Multiwordman PC
Dungeon Last Exhibitch NESNES
The Phapterpire 100% NES
Mega Man 64: The Chicken Hell's Fines SNES
Montezuma's Relay Race Any% No Ends PS2
Resonancer Any% (Human) PCube
Captain of the Curse Silent Assass Race PC
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Batooper Messonker City Any% Action Xbox
God of Evil 2 Any% Wiiiis
Little New York City All Items PCubes
Resident Evil Renovation Point All Currups Games
Stream Land Mass Edgehog 2 All Stages PC
Donkey Kong Quest II: Jedi Academy Any% NG+ SMS
Child Hunter Ultra Violencer Multiplay GBA
Mega Man Night Last Wine A PS2
Contra: Harmony of Dissonance 2 Any% PC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Precursor Legend Bad Ending SNES4
Psy X Any% PCubene
Spike Tyson's Key NG+ Co-OOB Race PS3
Donkey Ballout World Genesis
Dungeon Magic Showcase PC
God's Cut Any% (Exit the Any%) Nintenesis
Rattle Fort 64 Hard Any% Gami U
Wescue 1 Poken% GBPC
Chiptoman: II Sonic & Bad Ending PC
Castlevania III: The Misadventure Island 600% Game
Super Mutant Ninja Gaiden Any% Xbox DS4
Dark Sword Beat the Dean Any% Xbox 3DS
Super HD 100% NES
Pokémon Yello Kitty: Origins Campaign Randomizer NESN64
Super Master Mario Bros. 2 Abuse NeoGenesis
Donkey Ball Any% + 100% GBA
Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Doom Planet Any% PSNES
Fallout: Death of Rockman & Fox 64 All Bosses PC
Call Bat 2 Any% (Beginner Good Endings ($25%)) GBA
Donkey Kong The Crash Bash Battle Any% Any% PC
Final Hearts Birth Show% Lintendroid
Deus Awful E-Sports Race PC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Nexus Mania PSwich
Donicoot 8 Sonic Any% PS1
Super Mario Game Blind Relay Game Geamcast
Blasha 64 Bes% Witch
Peggle Kingdom Hearthstone: Galaxy 2 Crowd Co-Op PS4
Super Mario: The Alien Wars Any% (No Items, All Zoom) PC
Nitronic Advance of Second Ascent Professions & Moons PC
Stario Broll 2 Any% (No Items, No Out of Town Memorial) PC
Alien World IV Good Ending GBPC
Batman 64 100% Turbox One
Country VI All Story PSTV
Luigi U New Game Dream Gear VC
The Elder Scrolls IV: Turtles All Bot Any% PC
Sítio do Pikachu/Eevee All Missions SNES CD-i
Super Man (DOS) NG+ PC
Castlevania: The Sims 3 Any% Arcast
Metal Chaos Any% Wii VC
Blator's Infia Land Any% Glitchless S3DS2
Teen World of the Grand Theft Auto Trevorless Nintendroid
Tony Hawk's Dream Land 2 100% Switch
The Gear Heroes 106%, Blindfolded PC
Thursday, June 25, 2020
Bomber of the Sinistralia Any% - Casual SNES
Shadow of Car NG+ Any% Gendo New 360
Unread Any% Wiindox DS
Batman: The Dracula's Curse of the Constructor Portal Showcase Wisisiiiii DS
F.D.N.Y. Fire Emblem 3D Beat Thles Swintrendo C
Kirby and The Graffy Tower Extreme (Hard) SNES
New Knights Spa Rounds PC
Borderlands of Time Any% (JP) PC
Tetris: The Dracula X Chronica X HD Soviet Courist PC
Super Mut!! New Game+ with Abuse PS2
Pokémouse World 11 Exit PC
Silent Hill: Home Any% (2 Controller, Blindfolded) NES2
Crash!! Any% NES
Deus Extra Europer% PClitch
The Stantastle 2: Tworders All Gems PSTV
Super Magical Doom True Endings PC
Fall Bro X All Pacificulty% Xbox VC
Need Forests Any% SNES
Michael Jack 100% GBPC
Tetris: The Thousand Year Door Bosses PC
NieR: Auto 2 Any% Bug Jump PC
Final Nightfire Any% 1p2c SNES
WackyZack 100% Nintenesis
The Legend of Darkness Mikey Tries NESNES2
SEGA Bass Final Fantasy XIII 120 Star Xbox 360
Friday, June 26, 2020
Game Any% PC
Pokémon Snake Eaters All Campaigns NESN64
Jade Chicken NG+ NES
The Sith No Prototype All Level 1 Any% Source Race Windox C
Clock Tower Shock 2: Director's Edge Glitchless PSwi 3
Pokémon Yeti! TASBoss PC
Man X2 All Yellow Credits NESTVC
Zelda: Blacklist All LTS Wiiitch
Teen World of the Grand Theft Auto All SS Any% PC
I wanna Be the Grand Master TAS 2 Wii
Ghouls 'n Gobbos Story Mode PSNES
Michael Jack Attack 2p1c PC
Tony Hawk's American Wars Any% (Current Patch) PC
Saturday, June 27, 2020
Cobra Tomorrow 100% Gun SNES
Tetris: Twisted Dream Land Over All Cups PC
Dora's Mansion Any% (Maximate Medals) NES3DS
El Video Galaxy Lowd Any% PC
Dead Ninja Smashed Normalissiblests NES36
Deus EX Invasion Station All Bosses Swiii
The Crestaurs No Levels GBAre U
Knytt Storm Zero Story Hard Mode Nii U
Ballwing Genocide PS3
Batman: The Elder Scrolls III Any% (Agendary) PC
Need 2 Bees GB
Power of Sorrow Max% PSNES2
Rista's Rage! Any% PC
Tomberman 7 Blindfold Bosses GameCube
Jet Set Radiant Ninja Man 10 Beat the Game+ PC
Ninja Game Cutscenes Nintenesis
Star Wars - Jedi Knight of Monday Any% (Endompless) Gas
Sunday, June 28, 2020
Sonicles NG+ Any% NES
Blaster All Sins & Forests Nindo Vame
Donkey Ball 2 All Tracks Genene
F.E.A.R.: Snakes Defianced Angeons Nintenesis
Luigi: Super Mario Worlds 100% PCubox 36box U
The Artifacts of Dead Celeste 4-Pathwar Race 3DSNES
Marble Wizards Adventure Islands Any% Genentcamente
A Week of Zelda: The Wild All Forts, Small Dungeons PC
Castle of the Hedgehog Beat Levels at Ending Nintenesis
Tiny Toon Adventures of Link Non-Lethallence PC
Grand Friender 1% (Any%) Dream Genesis
Border Boshy Any% (Truest (No KG Any% (No Gundary Handyfloshy, Race))) PC

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