Forever Grind (Rough)

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TimeEstimateConsole (Year)CategoryRunnerIncentivesConfirmed?
SNES (1995) Warpless Icterus440
SNES (1990) No Star World Lanxion Upgrade to No Cape
PC (2019) Any% Hard (No Word Skip) Vertz505
PC (2017) Any% (No Major Glitches) Daotmb
PS4 (2010) Any% Fricker22
GBA (2001) Any% Spandaism
GBA (2001) Normal Mode Mr_Shasta Upgrade to Hard Mode
Genesis (1995) Any% Drex23
GB (1992) Normal Mode Kelpsey
PC (1994) Any% Co-op Lumophile, Phozonn
SNES (1996) Any% Supreme Characters Color Swap
NES (1988) 100% Lui_
PC (2019) Any% (No Balloonist Skip) Jakefsomenumbers Choose Spyro's Color (Default, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Black)
PC (2008) Any% KanBan85
X360 (2007) Any% ProInfernape
Switch (2017) World Peace JohnRossums Mario in his boxers
Saturday, March 07, 2020
SNES (1992) Any% Apathyduck07
N64 (2000) Any% Icupspeedruns_
SNES (1990) All Cups Waffle42
SNES (1994) Low% Ice Fsg112
PS1 (1997) Any% SweetCherryBoyJp Name Ramza
NES (2004) Any% Walkingeye
NES (1992) Any% BrashVolksdragon
Arcade (1997) Win Battle for the Kingdom Pinballwiz45b
SNES (1995) Magirock% Thegoodprofessor_
Genesis (1991) Beat The Game Toucansham
Genesis (1992) Sonic: Beat The Game SuperSonic71087
Genesis (1996) Beat The Game (Best Ending) Kingrhodestn
Xbox (2003) Outrun-Mode Route A PrinnyTonic
Switch (2019) Any% (Glitchless) WeightyWords
SNES (1991) Any% (No Major Glitches) or All Dungeons (Restricted Major Glitches) ErirorPS, Xelna Bid War between categories
GBA (2004) Any% Normal MetroidMaster
GC (2002) Any% Normal Jack879
PS1 (1998) Warpless Colinbolts
SNES (1993) Any% (Capeless) InvaderDez
SNES (1993) Warpless Relay 2 Teams of 4
NES (1987) 100% All Keys Justinman114, Rezovayix Any% Glitched Race
N64 (1996) The Daily (70 Star) ARealCutie, JoeDamillio, Lackattack24, Midboss, Millnium, Waffle42, Yes
Sunday, March 08, 2020
PS1 (1997) Any% BattyPrincess
PC (2018) 8-Bit (No Out of Bounds) [Race] Kyleberry_sr, VlackSR
PC (2018) Any% Lev067
NES (1991) Any% Sharfers
PC (1996) Jill All Boss Kills Deserteagle417 Fight Lab Tyrant with knife only
Genesis (2009) All A's Pea_txt
SNES (1995) Any% 3rd Map xIceblue
SNES (1994) Any% EmoSaru
GB (1992) Beat The Game Crypton42
SNES (1994) Beat The Game Crypton42
SNES (1991) Any% JoeDamillio Upgrade to Hard Mode Yes
PS4 (1997) Requiem Maria All Bosses BrookeSpeedruns Harmony of Dissonance Any% Run
SNES (1997) Any% Tm9001
Arcade (1998) Normal Mode EnchantressOfNumbers Upgrade to Rev Mode
N64 (1996) All Cups 150cc SuperViperT302 Bid War: Yoshi/Toad/Peach
PC (2010) Any% (No Out of Bounds) Mkosler
Switch (2019) Any% (Glitchless) Netara
N64 (1999) Normal Races Mode Prakcity
SNES (1991) Any% (Restricted Major Glitches) Liam_Atlas
SNES (1991) 100% (Major Glitches) Glan
SNES (1993) Any% Race JoeDamillio, Kalarse, Liam_Atlas, TM
NES (1991) Any% Chelney
SNES (1998) Any% Rockman Cleartonic
SNES (1993) 100% Clipper1
SNES (1994) Any% Tokyo90
SNES (1995) 100% Darrenville
NES (1986) Crowd Control Randomizer Lackattack24
SNES (1995) Any% [Race] Crismas, Dustpan2112, Fezzyfezz, Gill42
SNES (1996) 103% V0oid
SNES (1994) Any% [Race] ARealCutie, Zoast Bid War: Save/Kill Animals

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