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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerPlatformDonation Incentive
96 Exit lim SNES NA
All Bosses, No Major Glitches Grubdog Switch NA
any% Dactyly NES NA
Defeat Ganon (No SRM) MikamiHero WiiVC Link's Name
any% Thom Switch NA
any% Aspect Switch Trainer Name
any% Noops PC NA
any% caitelatte PC Play as a Jellyfish
No Major Skips nei_ SNES FROGCROC: glitched IL run
any% Clockdistrict PC Spyro's Colour
Glitchless v All Main Triggers Rippy PC Bid War Category
any% Gerald K0R8Z PC NA
Sweet Dreams Everyone Bed NA
Saturday, October 08, 2022
Beginner any% OpalLua vs. Glint PS4 NA
100% Rexaaayyy PS2 NA
All Mementos v any% No Major Glitches Aggy Switch Bid War Category
any% ConicalFlak WiiU VC NA
any% nase PC NA
any% 1P Classic Clubwho PC NA
any% Miku_DS Xbox Series X NA
low% No Major Glitches ins0mnia PC NA
14 Talisman parsoFish PS2 Spyro's Colour
New Game+ No Load Cancelling fireproofnas PS3 NA
Heroic srd_27 PC NA
All Challenges: Panel 1 Arahpthos Nintendo 3DS NA
Sweet Dreams Everyone Bed NA
Sunday, October 09, 2022
any% Nicosar, Alecat PC NA
any% stylonide Xbox NA
Master Barhunga GCN/Wii Monkey and Language Bid War
any% jymmyboi PS1 NA
any% CrunchieVT Switch Character Name and Character Model
any% Paulmall PC NA
Black Eagles v Blue Lions v Golden Deer TasmaniaJones Switch Category Bid War and Byleth Name

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