The Australian Speedrunning Marathon - 2017 Schedules

The Australian Speedrunning Marathon is an annual event, featuring some great Australian speedrunning talent.

In 2017, we will be supporting beyondblue, a fantastic Australian charity raising awareness of, and reducing the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety. You can donate at our everydayhero page (click here) and find our donation incentives here - LINK

In 2017, the Australian Speedrunning Marathon is proud to be hosted with the assistance of the University of South Australia, the Adelaide Anime and Video Game Festival. ('AVCon'), and Twitch. Without their support, the event wouldn't be going ahead! So we're thankful to them.

Make sure to follow us on both Twitch channels! (NOTE: Station 2 ONLY active during July 22-23) and so you don't miss a beat! Also be sure to be following your favourite Australian runners on social media for updates, as well as our Facebook page.

Looking for more information? Contact our Facebook group (above) or our email at