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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerPlatformDonation IncentivesTwitter
ASM2024 neo_ IRL @neo_
New Game+, Restricted Colour Chips Yuki_Layla vs. Alecat Nintendo Switch @Alecat
All Medals Miku_DS Xbox @Miku_DS
Any% stylonide Xbox @stylonide
Any% Drakodan Nintendo Game Boy Advance @Drakodan
Any% w/DLC Gaige AtomicCaleb PC @AtomicCaleb
Day 1 Recap IRL
Any% Normal 1P2C Ghoul02 Nintendo Switch Final Time Attack | Music Choice @Ghoul02
Any% megaslayer321a PC Usalia Colour Choice @megaslayer321a
Main Game All Lanterns Craigelbagel001 PC Crown Levels @Craigelbagel001
Any% Normal TasmaniaJones Nintendo Switch Mio's hairstyle
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
G-Squad Mode% Aun_El Xbox
Out of Bounds InputEvelution PC @InputEvelution
Neutral gamer_olive PC Left/right gang (bid war)
Any% Baphy PC Arisen + Pawn as Shrek and Fiona @Baphy
NG Dragon% ItsCorpsey PC
Any% Miku_DS Xbox @Miku_DS
3 Weapons Kenorah PC @Kenorah
Day 2 Recap IRL
All Cups (No Skips) LaceyStripes Nintendo 64 @LaceyStripes
Any% JTMagicman vs. werster Nintendo 3DS Latias Nickname | Groudon Nickname | Kyogre Nickname | Castform Nickname | Latios Nickname @JTMagicman vs. @werster
Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly | Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance | A Link to the Past | KeyWe | False Dream | Smile For Me | Haven Park | Bibi Blocksberg Big Broom Race 3 | Toaster Jam | Freeways | A Short Hike | Hades | Wii Party | Coffee Shop | Refunct Noops, Paulmall, InputEvelution, Pichy_Stockmann, AtomicCaleb, lucilletea, Baphy, Nicosar, Kenorah, Sten, Craigelbagel001, Clockdistrict, Clubwho, limchi, Alecat, FoksMachine, nei PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo SNES, Nintendo Wii, Arcade Too many lmao
Very Hard Glitchless Galasrinie PlayStation 2 @Galasrinie
Thursday, July 18, 2024
Any% ToastedMildly vs. Noops PC @ToastedMildly vs. @Noops
Any% Noops PC Karaoke @Noops
Heroic srd_27 PC Trick Showcase
100% (N64) The8bitbeast Nintendo 64 @The8bitbeast
Any% with Flight The8bitbeast Nintendo Switch @The8bitbeast
40 Gems Perigon PC Doomsday @Perigon
Critical Any% Gummi Skip Ninten vs. VGmaster PC @Ninten vs. N/A
New Game Beginner Any% Ninten vs. Glint PlayStation 4 @Ninten vs. @Glint
Any% Beginner Mode Inotovis PC
Day 3 Recap IRL
Any% Muki, Bored_Banana PC N/A, @Bored_Banana
Hatsune Miku All Zones FoksMachine PC
Any% Pichy_Stockmann Arcade @Pichy_Stockmann
Any% Relay Chokocchi, Dactyly, Kenorah, syo PlayStation 1 Blindfolded Necron | Zidane name @Chokocchi, @Dactyly, @Kenorah, @syo
Friday, July 19, 2024
Any% (Fusion Dragon, Restricted) ConicalFlak Nintendo Game Boy Advance
No Major Skips nei vs. neo_ Nintendo SNES @nei vs. @neo_
Any% Raikou PC @Raikou
100% Rexaaayyy PlayStation 1 @Rexaaayyy
100% Rab PlayStation 1 @Rab
100 Egg Dactyly PlayStation 1 Big Head vs Flat Spyro @Dactyly
Bone Duofecta Clockdistrict PC @Clockdistrict
Day 4 Recap IRL
Any% Perigon PC @Perigon
World Tour, All Main Chapters GLPhoenix PC Upgrade to 'All Masters' @GLPhoenix
Game A (16 Levels) StingySeagull Amiga
100% New Game Clubwho Nintendo Switch Give the Love Letter or Use it as toilet paper? @Clubwho
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Traveller's Challenge AeonFrodo Nintendo Switch Go back to Akkala Tower @AeonFrodo
Open mode Sten vs. limchi Nintendo SNES Player sprite | File name @Sten vs. @limchi
100% Funk PlayStation 1
Various The8bitbeast, InputEvelution Various @The8bitbeast, @InputEvelution
True Ending Yuki_Layla PC
Day 5 Recap IRL
107% All Bosses No Major Glitches ins0mnia PC Path of Pain @ins0mnia
Ending bidwar, Easy ICEMAN PlayStation 1 Pick the Ending @ICEMAN
Any% NG (Monk) meatr0o PC @meatr0o
Sunday, July 21, 2024
Any% (category bid war) Saiyanz PlayStation 2 Japanese or English @Saiyanz
Any% MISS Pichy_Stockmann Sega Saturn @Pichy_Stockmann
Any% Paulmall PC
Hero Story Drakodan Nintendo GameCube @Drakodan
Fish duo Nicosar, lucilletea PC Name the restaurant @Nicosar, N/A
All Achievements AggytheAron Nintendo Switch
All Goals and Golds (THPS2, NG) BalakehB PC @BalakehB
Beginner Any% cate PC @cate
Easy, NG BalakehB PC Create a Character @BalakehB
All Story Missions AtomicCaleb PC @AtomicCaleb
Day 6 Recap IRL
Spec Ops Veteran (No Strafejump) ZoomieG, Softman25 PC Crowd does "Race" @ZoomieG, @Softman25
See you all next year! neo_ IRL @neo_

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