We're running live at PAX Aus 2017, just behind the merch booth! We're raising money for Child's Play, the official supported charity of PAX Aus! You can donation via their online widget here or in person at our station! All donations go towards incentives for our runners to perform and can be viewed here !

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All dates and times are given in Australia/Melbourne timezone (UTC+11:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% PC Sassquatch upjohnsass
14 Talisman PS2 MartyrrSenpai MartyrrSenpai
Any% PS2 APackOfCrayons APackOfCrayons
Any% All Levels NG+ PC SRLGrace SRLGrace
100% PC Kuiperbole Kuiperbole
Any% PS2 Nasepybus Nasepybus
2 players 1 controller - [A]ny% PC Panpipes Kanaris N/A Kanaris
Any% SNES DaveTheFade DaveTheFade
Warpless NES JoshKeys JoshKeys
Any% PC Liam Liam
All Story Missions PC LiquidWifi LiquidWifi
NG+ Any% PS3 Ikkatosh23 Ikkatosh23
Any% PC DaMidget2000 DaMidget2000
Any% (AKA Yes Man Ending) PC SwagsTheDog SwagsTheDog
Sweet Dreams Bed N/A N/A
Saturday, October 28, 2017
100% PS2 SwordOfSeals SwordOfSeals
Sonic's Story (TAS Route) PC JovialCerealBox JovialCerealBox
Ganonless N64 MikamiHero MikamiHero
Any% (Solo) PC Saiyanz Saiyanz
Any% - Race PS2 Dactyly ParsoFish Dactyly ParsoFish
Any% Xbox One Acllive Acllive
Any% No WW NES Classic Sueycide7 N/A
True Pacifist Ending PC Shyguy0404 Shyguy0404
Any% GCN Okikurume Okikurume
Any% PS4 PotatoHandle BoggyB
Sweet Dreams Bed N/A N/A
Sunday, October 29, 2017
All Stages - Race SNES Nathantah Neo53 Nathantah Neo53
Any% PS2 Raikou Raikou
Any% No Major Glitches PC SimoZX SimoZX
95 Exit, No Cape SNES Sten Stephen1704
Master Stages GCN Barhunga Barhunga
Any% PC Softman25 Softman25
Any% (No Item Glitch) PS2 TrobHD TrobHD
Any%/Any% Hard N64 Tomtron93 Tomtron93
Nitro/Retro/Bonus 16 Track Bid War Nintendo Switch AeonFrodo AeonFrodo

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