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All dates and times are given in Australia/Melbourne timezone (UTC+11:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerTwitter HandleGame Release YearPlatform
Any% Liam @callmeliam 2002 GCN
Story (Easy) + Classic (Normal) Nase @Nasepybus 2004 PC
GT Classic JRP2234 @JRP2234 1994 SNES
Any% Current Patch (CP) SRLGrace @SRLGrace 2018 PC
Glitchless Any% Simple_dack N/A 1993 Sega MD
Any% Full Power Mode Thom @Tomtron93 1997 N64
Beat the Game - Dead on Arrival Softman25 @Softman_25 2003 PC
All Events Raikou @RaikouSRL 1997 PS
All Skills - No Major Glitches SimoZX @SimoZX 2017 PC
Any% Dactyly @Dactyly 1992 NES
120% MartyrrSenpai N/A 1998 PS
Any% (No GGS) JovialCereal @JovialCereal 2002 GCN
Sweet Dreams Everyone Everyone 2018 Bed
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Any% Parsofish @Parsofish 1999 PS
Master Barhunga @Barhunga 2001 GCN
New Game + NanoHologuise @NanoHologuise 2003 PS2
Any% Critical DaMidget2000 @DaMidget2000 2006 PS4
Reverse Dungeon Order (RDO) MikamiHero @MikamiHero 1998 Wii VC
Encore Mode (Bad Ending) 3Pills @ThreePills 2018 PC
Beat the Game Damo578 @Damo578 1991 GCN
Any% No Save Corruption Tenguorange @tenguliam 1996 GBC
Single Segment Inbounds Wilbo__ @Wilbo___ 2011 PC
All Castles 2 Players 1 Controller Sten and Dactyly @Stephen1704 and @Dactyly 1990 SNES
Any% PotatoHandle @BoggyB 1990 - 1996 NES & SNES
Sweet Dreams Everyone Everyone 2018 Bed
Sunday, October 28, 2018
100% Kuiperbole @Kuiperbole 2010 PC
Any% xJooJee @xjo0Jee 2017 Switch
All Quests SwagsTheDog @SwagsTheDog 2008 PC
Any% Warps Aggy_ @ItstheAggy 2012 PC
Any% Warpless Tilts_ 1999 PS
Octo Expansion Any% AeonFrodo @realAeonFrodo 2017 Switch
Single Story (Ophilia/Cyrus/Alfyn) Werster @wersterlobe 2018 Switch

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