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100% Race Paulmall vs. Cheftoad N/A + @Cheftoadgames PC
100% Paulmall N/A PC
All Collectables Benedictatorr @Benedictatorr PC Good VS Evil Ending
any% Glitchless LaceyStripes @LaceyStripes Switch
Sypha% Blazen @ScottyB_16 NES
Single Story - Ophilia Aspect N/A Switch
any% JTMagicman @JTMagicman 3DS Latios & Groudon Name (10 Character Max)
New Game Casual Glitchless bigg_fudge @Bigg_Fudge PC
any% New Game Co-op Heckson, meatr0o, Whisperra @heckson7 + @meatr0o1 + @realwhisperra PC
Saturday, October 09, 2021
77 Spatulas, No Lag Assist Kardi N/A PC
Unlock All Characters Arahpthos @arahpthos WiiU Choose your fighter! (Excluding Link, Ganondorf & Mr Game & Watch)
No Major Skips Race Neo vs. nei_ @Neo53615 + @neiunderscore SNES
any% Nicosar N/A PC Play with the cute sheep
Setup Bufferman N/A N/A Stream reset to occur at this stage
any% Aspect N/A Switch Choose the game and name the pokemon! (Pikachu/Eevee)
New Game - No Major Skips tim_trollgasm N/A PC
classic% hsblue @hsblueAU PC
100% Danicker N/A PC
All Events Gold Medals Clubwho @Clubwhom Switch Motion Controls
All Amateur Goals nase @NasePybus PC
No Lava Tube Skip Race hsblue vs. andrew_f @hsblueAU + @andrewf86138284 PS2 Play in Japanese
any% Race Alexandra Lynne vs. SlyZorua @allylynnetwitch + @SlyZorua Switch
any% ProphetBlack @prophetblack96 X360 Save Kong
any% megaslayer321a @megaslayer321a PC
In the Donus Co-op tenguliam, Sten @tenguliam + @GarlicSten Switch Online In a 6 race immediately after co-op run
No Cape, No Starworld tenguliam @tenguliam SNESClassic
Verdant Wind (New Game) Race Tasmania Jones vs. AeonFrodo N/A + @realAeonFrodo Switch Name Byleth (two highest bid totals win!)
Sunday, October 10, 2021
Pokemon World Tournament werster @wersterlobe DS
Master Barhunga @Barhunga GCN Language choice & Monkey choice
Break The Curse (Maxim All Bosses) Hans 'Pichy'Stockmann @pichy_and_pals WiiUVC
ScummVM any% Cheftoad @Cheftoadgames PC
Novice willbobsled @WillBobsled NES Rescue Cyndi
No Wrong Warp Race MikamiHero vs. TrippAU N/A + @TripppAU WiiVC
Setup Bufferman N/A N/A
Minimum Captures (1.3, 1 Player) Lycel @Lycelsara Switch
any% stylonide @stylonide Xbox
any% No OoB Aggy N/A PC
No Minor Skips Benedictatorr @Benedictatorr PC Save VS Harvest the Little Sister
any% AeonFrodo @realAeonFrodo DS File Name (9 Characters)
Defeat Ganon (No SRM) Race MikamiHero vs. TrippAU N/A + @TripppAU WiiVC THIS IS A BONUS GAME

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