Athletic April 2024

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MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 1 Start
Mappyman & MUSICnGAMING MAME Beat the Game
BeardStrength Switch Beat the Game
Ceris_Galstan N64 Win Mushroom/Flower/Star Cups
Ceris_Galstan SuFami Win ==[[RED]]== Championship Belt Commentary: Young Lion KumaKhan22
capnshrimpy Saturn Decathlon Mode
Jimjamboory NES Single or Versus
Dante_849 NES Beat the Game
Dante_849 vs. HeartPrestige vs. Muten_Pizza vs. ZeeGee_ NES
Saturday, April 27, 2024
HeartPrestige vs. Muten_Pizza NES Best time at end of regulation
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 1 End.
Everyone Get Some Rest Body, Mind, & Soul Rest & Rise Refreshed Can't Sleep? Here's a playlist
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 2 Start
TakenCreations NES Casual Playthrough Get as far as possible!
KumaKhan22 NES Wood & Water Rage 1 Loop = 10 rounds
Gamethymepodcast Famicom Beat the Game
Gamethymepodcast GameCube Advanced Warps!!
Bedwablackburn SuFami Good Ending
DwarvenDynamite Game Boy Beat the Game
SomeoneStoleMyb00t NES Beat the Game
SomeoneStoleMyb00t NES Casual Showcase
SheWolfVal PC New Game+ as Whisper Commentary: srgkonchu the Hedgehog
ProfessorRetro NES 10-Yard Fight, Baseball, Tennis, Golf Soccer, Pro Wrestling, Slalom, Volleyball
StargateSGDood MAME Win World Cup
NineteeN9D Switch Clear the Game
knuckle_buster NES ANY%
knuckle_buster NES ANY%
Muten_Pizza vs. HeartPrestige NES Best of 3 Matches
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Until Next Time! Night 2 End. Event Over.

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