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Leon A, any% PC MangoPunch @MangoPunchMunch
Cyber City (High Intensity) Showcase PC DaMidget2000 @damidget2000
any% No Arbitary Code Execution Gameboy Player werster @wersterlobe
any% Xbox Craigelbagel001 @craigelbagel001
any% Playstation 2 parsoFish @parsoFish
any% PC jymmyboi @jymmyboi
Mickey Sega Genesis AD2srl @AD2srl
any% (Current Patch) PC SRLGrace @SRLGrace
any% Nintendo Entertainment System crazyjesse @crzyjv
Nitro Tracks Race or Bonus Tracks Race Nintendo Switch Shyguy0404 & AeonFrodo @shyguy0404 & @realAeonFrodo
any% Playstation 3 awrie @awrieSR
any% Nintendo 64 Thom @tomtron93
any% PC Clubwho @clubwhom
100% Race PC paulmall97 & Cheftoadgaming NA & @cheftoadgames
Sweet Dreams Bed NA NA
Saturday, October 12, 2019
any% Gameboy Player Joel NA
any% warpless Race Playstation 2 NasePybus & Tilts_ @NasePybus & @TiltedGBE
Any% Playstation 2 Dactyly @dactyly
11 Exit, No Major Glitches Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini tenguliam @tenguliam
any% (No ELE) PC JovialCereal @JovialCereal
any% (Beginner) Playstation 4 DaMidget2000 @damidget2000
any% Nintendo Switch Tomshiii @tomshiii
any% Race Wii Virtual Console TripppAU & MikamiHero @TripppAU & @mikamihero
any% no voidclip PC Wilbo__ @wilbo___
All Stages Super Nintendo Entertainment System neo_ @neo53615
any% Playstation 3 suibom @Ssuibom
All Skills no Out of Bounds, no Teleport Anywhere PC Kirefel NA
14 Talisman Playstation 2 ZoomieG @ZoomieG
Sweet Dreams Bed NA NA
Sunday, October 13, 2019
Single Story Tressa Race Nintendo Switch Dahms13 & TheTinman93 @TheDahms13 & NA
any% Tails PC Raikou @RaikouSRL
any% Playstation 2 DesPenguin @DesPenguin
120 Star Nintendo 64 BLUE | Paracusia @djparacusia
any% No Major Glitches PC simozx @simoZX

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