A Voice for Viper November 2019 Schedule

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Any% NG+ Monk watafx
Any% NG+ CO-OP PokeytoeLive, and NewProject64
Any% NG+ Wizard NewProject64
Any% NG+ Demon Hunter Garfm
Normal P1 Druid blackdeathdoom
Any% NG Necromancer Garfm
Any% Assassin SC Normal esedler8785
Saturday, November 09, 2019
Any% NG CO-OP Heckson, meatro, whisperra, and blakjack
Any% NG+ All Classes (maybe?) Pwn1983
Hell P1 Assassin blackdeathdoom
Any% NG Demon Hunter Race Garfm, pwn1983, and NewProject64
Incentive Bonus Run Unlocked: Any% NG+ Monk on Pen & Tablet Garfm

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