Barbathon Schedules

Barbathons are 24h streams by the twitch streamer barbarousking.

On May 19th Barb announced the seventh installment and this schedule is completely fan created based on his pastebin times.

Original announcement:

Barbathon VII 24 Hour Stream June 8th, 8:00 AM Eastern Time

By popular demand, it's time for another Barbathon! This is our seventh 24 hour stream - below you will find the games schedule. All of these times are Eastern times. I hope to see you there for another fun 24 hours!!

NOTE: Some of these games MAY change if I'm unable to acquire them for whatever reason. However, I will do my absolute best to play the games I've listed here!

If the game you voted for didn't make it into this 24 hour stream, cheer up! Odds are I will play all of the games on the strawpoll fairly soon!