Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2019

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BigJon Genesis any%
BigJon Game Gear any%
EssentiaFour PC any%
ZakkyTheKirin PS2 W-Fist%
Claireic NES any%
KowalLazy, Brossentia, Janglestorm, NPC_Lives NES any% race
Toad22484 NES any%
Toad22484 NES any%
Toad22484 NES any%
mikwuyma Genesis any%
MiniMawile303 Wii All Courses
Linkums PC any%
pmcTRILOGY PC any%
Saturday, September 21, 2019
headstrong1290 N64 Superman Mode
JeffXvX Apple ][ GS Exhibition
tbcr PC Maximum Security
tbcr PC Hard/Fast
sharif GBA any%
sharif Game Boy any%
sharif Game Gear any%
sharif SNES any%
AlecK47 GBA any% Anniversary
GreenZSaber FDS any%
Trysdyn GBC All Stages
Trysdyn NES any%
BelthicGaming Game Boy Easy
BelthicGaming NES any%
Silo_Simon N64 Easy
Silo_Simon Wii Beat the Game
janglestorm Arcade any%
Skuttie Arcade Beat the Game
KrusKader PC any%
KrusKader NES any% (with password)
Brossentia C64 any%
Brossentia MS-DOS any% Infinite Lives
Lizstar MS-DOS any%
NPC_Lives MS-DOS any% Showcase
janglestorm MS-DOS any%
Kirbs2002 MS-DOS Beat the Game (O. D. Nary)
corndan MS-DOS any%
Krayzar Win 3.1 any% Parts 1 and 2
janglestorm, NPC_Lives Genesis any% Race
PeteDorr PSX Beat the Game (with Cutscenes)
PeteDorr CD-i Twitch Gets A Boyfriend
Ritzblues NES any% Rose
Vultus PC any%
Vultus PSX All Arcade Events
Vultus PC Max All Skills
Fyzzu Amiga 100%
mikwuyma PSX Cutscene%
GarbitheGlitcheress PSX any% Master
PeteDorr PSX Beat the Game
Pa-Sama PS2 any% Normal
Pa-Sama Dreamcast any%
Sunday, September 22, 2019
Ecdycis PC any%
Ecdycis PC Two Survivors
FroobMcGuffin PS3 any%
Ellieceraptor PC JURY
Grumpmeister CD-i any%
GarbitheGlitcheress Genesis any% Easy
Linkums GameCube any%
Linkums NES The Wise Men (Normal)
GliitchWiitch SNES any%
GliitchWiitch GBA Easy%
Lizstar Genesis any%
Lizstar Arcade any% 1 loop and TAS showcase
LRock617 Arcade any%
SzechuanSteve MegaDrive any%
dowolf GBC any% Hard (with Cutscenes)
KowalLazy Game Boy any%
Shentok Game Gear any%
janglestorm Lynx any%
authorblues Famicom Easy
Drex Sega CD any%
Aweglib PC Blind
Stebmcdreb PC NG+ All Bosses
mikwuyma TG-CD Cutscene%
jal, SomeGirl PC any% Race
Drumboardist Flash 100% All Achievements
NPC_Lives NES any%
NPC_Lives NES any%
TOH Game Gear any%
Drumboardist Super Famicom Radar%

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