Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2020

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NES 100% GinTatsu2
SNES any% All Cutscenes Ritzblues
Commodore 64 any% 9 Loops Dowolf
Genesis any% Dowolf
Xbox 360 Team Heroes PeteDorr
PC any% Rookie - Hex Fireman
GBC any% race Fyzzu, Pa-Sama
PSX Hub 1 Ecdycis
PC All Deaths Ecdycis
GBC Beat the Game sharif
Dreamcast Bad Ending Punchy
Saturday, September 19, 2020
PSX New Game - Easy Punchy
PC Full Game davehunter
PC any% davehunter
PC any% pmcTRILOGY
PC any% pmcTRILOGY
PC NG+ Bad Ending Plywood
MSX Old Version Trysdyn
SNES any% janglestorm
PC Beat the Game (Old Patch) CosmykTheDolfyn
GBA All Tracks CosmykTheDolfyn
PSX Stage 1 LadyLenalia
MS-DOS Tournament Mode Krayzar
Windows Credits Trilogy Krayzar
PC Exhibition JeffXvX
bot dang it Botsy
GBA any% frozenflygone
PC CD Audio Showcase davidtki
PC any% Chuck Grody
Mobile any% Essentia
PC Cutscene% texan_ red _wolf
Master System any% Seckswrecks
NES any% MadMegaX381
Game Boy any% Claireic
GBC any% Claireic
Game Boy any% giygasblues
Game Boy Normal giygasblues
PS2 any% Jaxler
PS2 any% Jaxler
GBA Best Ending Mr_Shasta
Sega Saturn Good Ending Shentok
Master System Twin Mouse any% teapartycthulhu
PSX arcade any% KowalLazy
SNES Beat the Game - Hard DududeDude
PC any% Nimputs
PS2 any% PeteDorr
GBA any% PeteDorr
PSX 100% Sagat
PC All Endings GhostSenpai
Game Gear any% sharif
Xbox 360 All T-Rex Levels WanderingMind
PC any% teddyras
Sunday, September 20, 2020
PC any% NG+ teddyras
PC Storybuilding Showcase Brossentia
PC any% All Cutscenes Frenda
Nintendo DS any% hedgemaze
MS-DOS any% mooware
TurboGrafx-16 any% GliitchWiitch
TurboGrafx-16 any% QoL Translation Patch GliitchWiitch
TurboGrafx CD any% GliitchWiitch
SNES Second Section garbitheglitcheress
GEN East Wing garbitheglitcheress
Master System any% Starbird
TurboGrafx-CD Cutscene% mikwuyma
Game Boy any% Starwin
Game Gear LARGE Easy% jquestionmark
Amiga music% NPC
Amiga any% NPC
Famicom any% NPC
PC Taste the Rainbow Lizstar
GBC Fashion Backpack% sharif
NES any% Drumboardist?!?
CD-i All Cutscenes Grumpmeister
Sega CD any% Good Ending Sef Highwind
Arcade 1CC LRock617
Arcade Showcase JunaE_CBS
NES any% Brossentia
NES any% Brossentia
PC any% race Smathlax, GrizzzzBear
PC any% GrizzzzBear
PC any% race Linkums, KowalLazy
SNES any% Pa-Sama

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