Bear Force One Main Schedule

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All Dungeons Orcrist_gc TheKingsPride
Normal Mode Bloupeuh blackheartwings
Any% Glitchless EnviroNat blackheartwings
Any% Solo (Good Ending) Nichole Goodnight blackheartwings
Double Bingo limy Cubsrule21
NG+ Campaign (Character Bidwar) limy Cubsrule21
Showcase Sparkover Cubsrule21
Any% Leggystarscream FawkesRocks
Saturday, November 18, 2023
Sweet Dreams% Everyone, including you
All Quests NMG IndyKenobi SgtMug
100% Mr_Shasta SweetPeebs
Any% Livelyraccoon SweetPeebs
Any% NG+ TheKingsPride Pippy in a Top Hat
Push B to Jump Inven Pacific
Any% happybythree FawkesRocks
Any% Ozmourn FawkesRocks
Sunday, November 19, 2023
Bed% Everyone, please, go to bed
Any% Pippy in a Top Hat TheKingsPride
All Dungeons minimini352 SweetPeebs
All Levels TAS passere SweetPeebs
Limitless All Pride Flags SchalaKitty Cubsrule21
2v2 Marriage Race Lichatton & atwentysomethingloser vs. theValiantSun & blackheartwings Cubsrule21
Any% vanni_van Cubsrule21
100% ShinyZeni Pippy in a Top Hat
Warpless Niftski Pippy in a Top Hat
Any% Happy Bear Pippy in a Top Hat

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