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Any% Supreme
Any% (no clip) Eldra
Any% (race) beco v.s. ohon
Any% WedSR
Any% WedSR
Any% jimmypoopins
Any% (race) beco v.s. jimmypoopins
Any% Joester98
Saturday, November 09, 2019
Any% Joester98
Any% colinbolts
Warpless colinbolts
Any% 1CC lrock617
Mania% lrock617
Robin lrock617
Thief Mode Completionist darrenville
Any% (50 Slime) GhostKumo
Any% (Easy) Cypherin
Any% (Normal) Cypherin
Any% Shu - Level 1 (Easy) Cypherin
Story Mode kariohki
Any% (US) kariohki
Any% (Web) tpasalt
Warpless (All 4 games) Aweglib
11 Exit (NMG) HJA
Any% bugdr
Any% (race) supersonic71087 v.s. leandrom90
All Cups (150cc) supervipert302
Any% supervipert302
Any% (race) DarkTerrex v.s. Eldra
Dark Side Blipblo
All Story Levels primorix
Any% primorix
Any% (Randomizer) proinfernape
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Any% strizer86
100% strizer86
Any% (Leon) VaeVictusBR
Any% MadMegaX381
Any% colinbolts
Any% (No Polizu Skip) kariohki
Any% almondcity
100% (X) ultrauberness
All Stages LuizMiguel
Any% (race) darrenville v.s. Walrus_Prime v.s. Tokyo90
100% Incentive
Tressa Story Supreme
100% Joester98
Any% (Hard) thurler
Any% supervipert302
Perfect Run Incentive
Any% (Hard) Khanster786
Any% baddap1
Monday, November 11, 2019
All Goals and Golds orrsa
All games once DarkTerrex
Any% DarkTerrex
Nightmare orrsa
100 Egg nerfripp
Any% (No OoB) VaeVictusBR
Any% (Richter) just_defend
Any% (Normal) just_defend
Randomizer Ppotdot1
All Campaigns Eldra
Any% LVCreed
Any% Ppotdot1
Any% (race) Ppotdot1 v.s. prisiii3
Any% Aquas
Any% (MISS) Aquas
Normal whitehat94
Any% whitehat94
Any% Eldra
Any% (Catacomb Exit) lucha_gym
Any% (Beginner) lucha_gym
Any% mrcab55
Gnat Attack 1 Loop mrcab
Beat the game (blind) Chelney

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