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Start TimeEstimateCategoryRunnerPronounsSystem
Unlock All Characters justfruitsalad They/Them Switch
Story Any% justfruitsalad They/Them PC
All Scrolls% Warps Allowed EXDF_ He/Him PC
Consider It Inconsiderate% MKCyborg He/Him PC
Alternate End Heponwana He/Him PC (4:3)
LOVE 1+2+3 Classic 100% Heponwana He/Him PC
100% Seckswrecks They/Them PC
All Events (No Encounters) mechalink He/Any Switch
Saturday, January 01, 2022
New Game moonblazewolf He/They PC
Normal Any% Ottersparx He/They PC
Any% ProPieceRTA He/Him XBox One S
All Urns, No BS SaberaMesia She/Her PC
Any% SaberaMesia She/Her PC
Quake 64 - Any% Easy nes They/He PC
Sunday, January 02, 2022
New Game+ Stationary MisterChowtime He/Him Oculus
Good Ending Normal Jagsyfox He/Him Switch
100% LinkaMeister He/Him GBA
Any% (No Fail) FirebirdLover Any PC
Pointless Machines SlosherWailord They/He PC
Story Mode All Worlds Helix13_ They/Them PC
Any% Glitchless RayZoro Any Switch
Any% No Major Glitches jay_yeen They/Them Switch

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