Best of NES Marathon: 2015

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ScheduledEstimateRunnerCategoryTwitch / HitboxOnline Commentator(s)Information/Comments
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Callumbal Hard mode Callumbal
Coolkid Any% DaBigBooi
Johncarls Any% Johncarls
Spiriax Any% Spiriax Infestedriche
Zodastone Any% Zodastone Zodastone
CartinaCow Any% CartinaCow
Joka Any% Jokaah Jokaah
Yogidamonk Any% Yogidamonk Yogidamonk
Infestedriche Any% Infestedriche Infestedriche
Slyse Any% Slyse Slyse, Infestedriche
Prince_Leaf Any% Prince_Leaf authorblues
InfestedRiche Any% Infestedriche
Coolkid with Friends Any% dabigbooi Blechy
Infestedriche & Spiriax Any% Infestedriche & Spiriax Duckfist
Whitehat94, InfestedRiche, 2woGood, TheGloryhog Any% Whitman_Price, Infestedriche, TheGloryhog & 2woGood BadBrakes, yogidamonk
Dxtr, Infestedriche & Duckfist Any% Dxtrslab, Infestedriche & Duckfist Sinister1
Jorf & Jimmypoopins Any% Gerfuggery & jimmypoopins Sinister1
Infestedriche & Crak_Atak Any% Infestedriche & Crak_atak Sinister1
Whitman_Price Any% Whitman_Price Whitman_Price
Saturday, October 31, 2015
Whitman_Price Any% Whitman_Price Whitman_Price
PJ & Mecharichter Any% Pjdicesare & Mecharichter PJ & Mecharichter
ZELLLOOO, Sinister1, honorablejay Any% ZELLLOOO, Sinisterwon, honorablejay
Dxtr, K0zzx & 2woGood Any% Dxtrslab, K0zzx & 2woGood
Jorf Any% Gerfuggery jorf
Jorf Any% Gerfuggery jorf
Dragondarch Any% Dragondrachsda
Mithical9 Any% Mithical9
JamEviler Any% Jameliver
Infinitemystery Any% Infinitemystery
TheGreatGilderSneeze Any% TheGreatGilderSneeze TheGreatGilderSneeze
Gusnation Power Orb% Gusnation Gusnation
Jaguar_King Any% Jaguar_King Authorblues
digshake, themotherbrain Any% digshake, themotherbrain86
Extraguy, K0zxx Any% Extraguy, K0zxx
NESCardinality Any% NESCardinality NesCardinality
- - - -
BadBrakes, Extraguy Any% BadBrakes, Extraguy
Kyhyang, Brossentia Any% Kyhyang, Brossentia
Darbian, Authorblues Any% Darbian, Authorblues
Lackattack24, Authorblues Any% Lackattack24, Authorblues
Extraguy, DarkTerrex Any% Extraguy, DarkTerrex
Crescendo2020, Cantoutfapme,vanderhoex Any% Crescendo2020, Cantoutfapme,vanderhoex Authorblues
Whitehat94 Any% Whitehat94
Inzult Any% Inzult2
ZakkyTheGoatragon Any% ZakkyTheGoatragon
PJ Any% Pjdicesare PJ & Mecharichter
PJ 100% Pjdicesare PJ & Blechy
Mecharichter Any% Prize W Mecharichter PJ & Mecharichter
Mecharichter Any% Mecharichter PJ & Mecharichter
TheMexicanRunner Any% TheMexicanRunner TheMexicanRunner & PJ
TheMexicanRunner Any% TheMexicanRunner TheMexicanRunner
DTysonator Show% acgamesonline Dtysonator
Sinister1, Zallard1, Ouijawii Any% Sinisterwon, Zallard1, Ouijawii
DTysonator Blindfolded acgamesonline Dtysonator
Khananphone Any% Khananphone Yogidamonk
Yogidamonk Any% Yogidamonk Yogidamonk
Kitaru with Friends Maxout% Kitaru Kitaru with Friends
Dxtr & Coolkid Any% Dxtrslab & DaBigBooi Duckfist & Darkman78
ZodaNOR Any% ZodaNOR Duckfist & Darkman78
Sunday, November 01, 2015
Fastatcc Any% Fastatcc Duckfist & Darkman78
Chelney Any% Chelney1 Duckfist & Darkman78
BaronHaynes Any% BaronHaynes Darkman78, bjw
DarkTerrex, Ppotdot1,joniidx Any% DarkTerrex, Ppotdot1,joniidx Darkman78
Pld Any% pld Blechy & Duckfist
Whitehat94 Any% Whitehat94 Blechy & Darkterrex
Kissmyafrocard, truefalse Any% Kissmyafrocard, truefalse Cantaloupe
Kissmyafrocard Sypha% Kissmyafrocard Kissmyafrocard
Extraguy, Authorblues Any% Extraguy, Authorblues
Dragondarch, Darkwing_duck Any% Dragondarchsda, Darkwingducksda
Valientlink Any% Valientlink
ZakkyTheGoatragon Any% ZakkyTheGoatragon
Error72, corey042 Any% Error72, corey042
JamEviler Any% Jameliver
Rayquaza911, Cantoutfapme Any% Rayquaza911, Cantoutfapme
DarkTerrex, feasel All Stages% DarkTerrex, Feasel
feasel Any% Feasel Feasel
Niss3 Any% Niss3 Niss3
RaneofSOTN Best Ending RaneofSOTN RaneofSOTN
- - - -
Yogidamonk Any% Yogidamonk Yogidamonk
NesCardinality Any% NesCardinality NesCardinality
JohnCarls Any% JohnCarls JohnCarls
Khananaphone Any% Khananaphone Khananaphone
Whitehat94 Any% Whitehat94 Whitehat94
MattMcgrath Any% MattMcgrath mattmcgrath
Becored, Aquas Best Ending Becored, Aquas_
InfestedRiche, K0zzx Any% InfestedRiche, K0zzx
InfestedRiche Any% InfestedRiche InfestedRiche
dunnius, jaguar_king Any% dunnius, jaguar_king
Jaguar_King Any% Jaguar_King
UraniumAnchor Any% UraniumAnchor UraniumAnchor
AxlSR Any% AxlSR
Shiningdragoon Any% Shiningdragoon
Eldra Any% mEldra mEldra
NME, BadBrakes Any% NMEtv, BadBrakes NMEtv, BadBrakes
NME Any% NMEtv NMEtv
Controllerhead, Race_0ut Any% NGM Controllerhead, Race_0ut
Monday, November 02, 2015
NesCardinality Any% NesCardinality NesCardinality
Dragondarch Any% Dragondarchsda Dragondarchsda
Inzult Any% Inzult2 Inzult2
Toad22484, Elipsis, Big_Walsh Any% Toad22484, Elipsis, Big_Walsh
Andy, ArcBliss 16 Bags of Cash Andy, ArcBliss
link_7777 Any% link_7777 link_7777
whitmanprice, infinitemystery, CTConqueror Any% whitmanprice, infinitemystery, CTConqueror
CTConqueror, xdragon Any% CTConqueror, xdragon Blechy
Darkwing_Duck, Jorf Any% DarkwingDucksda, gerfuggery Blechy
Dxtr, InfestedRiche Any% Dxtrslab, InfestedRiche Sinister1
Shiningdragoon, Skavenger216 Any% Shiningdragoon, Skavenger216 UraniumAnchor
ZakkyTheGoatragon Any% ZakkyTheGoatragon ZakkyTheGoatragon
Darbian, Blubbler Any% Darbian, IoI
Iluvmario Any% Iluvmario bjw
Blubbler Any% IoI
CujoIHSV Any% Warpless CujoIHSV
ProDucks Credit Warp ProDucks ProDucks
Havocprodigy Any% Havocprodigy
Havocprodigy Any% Havocprodigy Karma_dragon
EndySWE, Nudua, Dxtr, Crescendo2020 Any% EndySWE, Nudua, Dxtrslab, Crescendo2020
NME, Pld, Nudua, Dxtr Any% NMEtv, Pld, Nudua, Dxtrslab
footdive, nudua, DLH, philosoraptor Any% f00tdive, nudua, DLH112, philosoraptor42 Sinister1
TheMexicanRunner, toad Any% lemonsx, TheMexicanRunner, toad22484 Sinister1
Dazzle, Bboyvenom Any% zzDazzlezz, Bboyvenom
theseawolf1,Vaxherd,ShinerCCC Any% theseawolf1,Vaxherd,ShinerCCC ZakkyTheGoatragon
Brossentia Any% Brossentia Brossentia
NesCardinality Any% NesCardinality NesCardinality
NesCardinality, HIghspirits Any% NesCardinality, HIghspirits NesCardinality, HIghspirits
Tuesday, November 03, 2015
Controllerhead, TheTycon, lurkchan Any% Controllerhead, TheTycon, lurkchan
Jimmypoopins Any% Jimmypoopins Jimmypoopins & emptyeye
Prince_Leaf Any% Prince_Leaf Prince_Leaf
Zodastone Any% Zodastone Zodastone
Karma_Dragon Any% Karma_Dragon
ShinerCCC Any% ShinerCCC Havocprodigy
lackattack24, Cantoutfapme, Darkwing_Duck, eunosxx Any% lackattack24, Cantoutfapme, DarkwingDucksda, eunosxx TheGreenleafEffect, Ategenos
Pro_JN, Simpoldood, Error72, zzDazzlezz 100% All Keys Pro_JN, Simpoldood, Error72, zzDazzlezz TheGreenleafEffect, rep
- - - -
Extraguy Any% Extraguy
Extraguy Any% Extraguy
Whitehat94, Jimmypoopins, Authorblues Any% Whitehat94, Jimmypoopins, Authorblues
Whitehat94 Any% Whitehat94 Authorblues
Whitehat94 Any% Whitehat94 le Scraf
Khananaphone Any% Khananaphone Khananaphone
Khananaphone Any% Khananaphone everyone
Toad22484 Any% Toad22484

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