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Nintendo Switch Original All Dungeons romulostx
Playstation 3 NG+ All Brushes GodotDC
PC Expert All Bosses sincevanilla_
SNES Any% Normal shmupforlife
PC Any% Faeddin
SNES Rookie% MexicanoPB vs hugo4fun
Friday, March 30, 2018
PC Any% Faeddin
NES Any% lokki8
Wii Normal Thurler
PC Plague Knight Any% Fladervy
SNES 100% leandrom90
SNES Basic Series MexicanoPB
Nintendo 64 Any% No Peach Warp Furlim
Gamecube Any% CDV_Will
SNES Warpless Thurler
Nintendo 64 70 star Dezanig
SNES All four any% AugustoTitan
PC Lilac Fladervy
Nintendo 3DS 100% romulostx
Arcade Beat the Game hugo4fun
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Nintendo 64 Enemy Rockets vs 1p2c SpectreXS
Playstation 1 Any% kelvinouteiro
Playstation 1 Claire A kelvinouteiro
Playstation 2 Any% Full game TJFCs
PC RE3 Mod TJFCs / Romulostfx / Marco
Playstation 1 Any% SpectreXS
Playstation 3 Any% kbralz
SNES Any% shmupforlife
Playstation 4 All Gold Bolts perilouspeanut
Playstation 3 130 Electoons perilouspeanut
Mega Drive Any% Kytes_
XBOX360 All Day Stages xrrstyle
PC Sonic: Beat the Game Nathacsa
Sega Saturn Any% Kytes_
PC Knuckles leandrom90
Game Boy Advance Any% GodotDC
SNES 100% Madu1311
PC Zero 100% sprawl5 vs SakuraFreak
SNES Any% 1P AugustoTitan vs SerelepeMarsupial
Nintendo 64 Any% Linksjam
Nintendo 64 100% Dezanig
Sunday, April 01, 2018
Playstation 3 Any% (Chapter Name) DarthSanic
PS3 All Dragons Hugo4fun
SNES Any% Normal furlim
Playstation 1 Any% chiteiro1
Playstation 1 Any% warpless victor_ards
Playstation 1 Any% chiteiro1
Game Boy Advance All Bosses vs Any% sprawl5
PC-Engine NG+ (Maria) SakuraFreak
NES Any% SerelepeMarsupial
Playstation 3 Any% GodotDC
SNES All Castles Furlim
SNES Any% Co-op SerelepeMarsupial & AugustoTitan
SNES Any% Co-op AugustoTitan & Furlim
Nintendo Switch Any% sincevanilla_
All All Everyone

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