BRAT 2021

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Todas Commodore Surpresa
90 Exit, Small Only Super Nintendo Narti1800_
Any% OoB PC VaeVictusBR
Any% Normal - Softcore, DRU PC blindseis
Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Any% Game Boy Advance kalarse
Beat the Game Super Nintendo HiroMunii
Any% - Survival, Glitched PC desuroth
Any% - Easy, 1.2 PC GFM
All Characters PlayStation 4 MrSancini
Unlock All Characters - Japanese N64 Nintendo 64 LD
Story - beginner - normal - console Nintendo Switch rangelo
Any% - Solo PlayStation Portable IgorNuto
Na Raça% Super Nintendo Tepedino
Any% No Airswim - Standard PC BeaRType
102% Super Nintendo Narti1800_
Any% - Normal Super Nintendo LD
100% Mega Drive Shimegabriel
Any% - Zipless - Normal Game Boy Advance 2tempos
Any% - Insane PC GFM
Babel Pairs (1p2c) PC GFM
Any% - Current Patch NMG PC xTeixeira
Any% PC leleo8000
Any% - Random Seed PC Faeddin
Immortal Severance - Glitchless PC ponetchmas
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
All Bosses Race PC littlescreen, GrandeMOficial
No Starworld Super Nintendo Venom
Any% Super Nintendo HiroMunii
Any% English PC VaeVictusBR
Any% - Normal PC KelvinOuteiro
Any% Super Nintendo TheReaper
100% Race Super Nintendo rotciv__, TheReaper
Randomizer Logitech G29 Nintendo 64 GrafitteX
Any% No WM Nintendo Switch Fladervy
Thursday, April 01, 2021
All Games - Win Nintendo Switch Kyong92
New Game - Leon, Standard PlayStation 4 thiagomoreiracs
Any% Game Boy Advance Gamestart_Curitiba
Any% Glitchless (Classic) Game Boy Color LD
Standard Randomizer Nintendo 64 Egodev vs. Gusxandi
100% (All Bosses) PlayStation 4 LucasDiasC
X Any% - Normal PlayStation Portable Rudson Strife
Any% Super Nintendo Cedrick_Raul
100% (X) PlayStation Aeron
Any% no Save Corruption Playstation KelvinOuteiro
Any% (Difficult) NES lokki8
All Stages (Normal) PC Thaide
All Bosses PC Nyk_Style
Friday, April 02, 2021
Any% PC Kyong92
Campaign (On) PC LD
100 Pagies PC kasayev
Any% Good Ending Super Nintendo rotciv__
Medium Arcade Aruide
100% Super Nintendo YPlay
Any% Mega Drive shimegabriel
Max - Normal PlayStation 4 hugo4fun
Any% Shu Level 1 (Easy) Mega Drive shimegabriel
Showcase Arcade mdmkyuubi
Very Hard Glitchless PlayStation 3 Speed_Martyr
Beat the Game - Glitchless PC Leandrom90
Tails - Any% PC sauloandrade_
Beat The Game SEGA Master System sauloandrade_
TETRI-A-THLON PC afaelr, n0mori
Top 4 Showcase PC Markao3000
Saturday, April 03, 2021
Beat the Game - Normal Super Nintendo HaBeeBs_ vs Matamadae
Any% Super Nintendo HaBeeBs_
Any% Lee Brothers SNES BeaRType
Any% Super Nintendo BeaRType
Any% Normal TurboGrafx-16 Dogveloper
Any% Normal Super Nintendo Salgadin
Any% No Up+A NES LinksJam
Beat the Game Mega Drive leandrom90
Any% PlayStation kalarse
All Story Bosses PC romulostx
Any% (15 Card Drop) PlayStation Kromer
Any% Nintendo Switch cameloamarel0
No Wrong Warp - SRM Nintendo 64 Ilher
Grande Final Vários ElChavos vs Dream Team
Co-op Super Nintendo Narti1800_, BearType
16 Stars Race Nintendo 64 LeoDamin, PTLT, Pomini, Ledrac
BRAT Points Crowd Control PC Problemstrol
Defeat Ganon / Defeat Mother Brain SNES Tso15
Sunday, April 04, 2021
Marathon% Caminha @everyone
Any% SNES Narti1800_
Beat the Game PC Salgadin
Exbition PC Markao3000
Any% Survival, Glitched PC desuroth
Any% Mega Drive hugo4fun
Reverse Boss Order SNES Salgadin
Finish LINE Até Outubro BRAT

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