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petSM64 No Levels Early Nintendo 64
Lukinha 101% SNES
Fladervy Lilac - Normal PC
Fladervy Milla - Hard PC
Kytes_ any% Wii VC
Kytes_ Team Sonic Wii
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Kytes_ Any% Game Cube
Furlim All cups 150cc no skips Nintendo 64
Hugo4fun Cleric Any% Playstation 3
SpectreXS Any% Nintendo 64
Rizera 100% UltraViolence Max PC
Romulostx Any% Wii
SpectreXS 100% Playstation 2
Kbralz beat the game Any% Playstation 3
Furlim All Castles SNES
Furlim Hard Levels Bid Auction Wii U
petSM64 100% Nintendo 64
Furlim Any% Glitchless
Luiz_Miguel Any/100% - Escolha do Público SNES
Luiz_Miguel Low/Any/100% - Escolha do Público SNES
Luiz_Miguel / SakuraFreak Zero 100% Playstation 2
Luiz_Miguel All Stages Playstation 2
Sunday, May 29, 2016
SakuraFreak Any% No Save Corruption Playstation 2
SakuraFreak Richter Any% Playstation 2
Roldan / Vanderlei Best Ending Jill vs Best Ending Chris Playstation 2
Clarice Any% Playstation 2
Charlesz Isaac Chest% PC
TheGuyWithTheBeard Any% Embermage PC
SpectreXS Any% Playstation 2
Furlim Hard Countries SNES
PerilousPeanut Any% Playstation 3
Plateia Any% SNES
Ilherstream Ganonless Wii VC
Ilherstream Any% Old Route Wii VC
Romulostx All Dungeons Wii
Everyone Tired% All of them

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